trademark registration in India

Getting a trademark is not an easy task. It has to go to through several stages
in order to get registered. Trademark can be done of various things like
company’s logo, company’s symbol or name etc. In order to get it trademark it
has to go through a serious inspection before it is approved. There are various
status that can be granted to trademark application. Some of them are as

Online new application
This status appears when you are filling up the application. Online new
application is available when you are filling it online.

Send To Vienna Codification
There are different categories in which the trademark is applied. If the
trademark consists of symbol, logo or any other design, it is assigned a code
called “Vienna Codification” and this stage is termed as “Send to Vienna

Formalities Chk Pass
This is a very important stage in which all the important formalities are
checked such that it meets all the basic requirements. This stage is termed as
“Formalities chk pass”.

Formalities Chk Fail
As we have already discussed what is formality chk pass status. Now if in that
stage if all the formalities fail to pass, then this stage is termed as “formalities
chk fail”.

Marked For Exam
After all the formality checks, the trademark is passed to the examiner. The
examiner approves in according to various sections of the Trade Marks Act and the status at this stage is termed as “Marked For Exam”.

Exam report issued/accepted
After checking and validation of the trademark, the examiner issues a report as accepted and the status of this stage is known as “Exam report
issued/accepted”. This is a very crucial stage because the examiner gives his
final report on its publication in Trademark Journal.

If your trademark has some problems, the examiner does not accept the
trademark. The examiner gives objection in a very detailed report to the user
informing about each and every objection in the trademark. An on paper reply
is offered to trade mark registry and the status of this stage is known as

Advertised or Accepted and advertised
When a trademark application is presented in the Journal, it is given the status
of “advertised or Accepted and Advertised”. This is a very vital status as the
third party has the right to compete with it within 4 months. The trademark
registration certificate is granted if there is no opposition.

This is a very important stage as if the opposition stage opposes the
trademark, then the status of the application is termed as “Opposed”.

Send back to EDP
If there are any data entry errors in the application, the application have to be
corrected and is send back to EDP for correction. Once all the errors are
corrected, the entire process starts again for getting the trademark done.

Send to PRAS
PRAS stands for “Pre-Registration Amendment Section”. This status is given
when there are any changes in registration that require attention of the
customer. If that is the case, application is passed to the PRAS department.


company registration

Several entrepreneurs ignore the importance and significance of company
incorporation before they even begin. They have heard from uncle’s father’s
brother that the incorporation of a company is very expensive and a very
complicated process. So the question arises-why do the big firms and
companies own corporations if incorporation of company is full of spikes?

What is Company Incorporation?
A company generally comes into existence by a process known as
incorporation. After a company has been incorporated legally, it becomes a
distinct entity for those who invest their labour, assets and capital to run the
company. After promotion, the next stage in the establishment of a company is the incorporation or registration. The promoter of a company must perform
the following functions for getting the company registered under the
Companies Act.
First step is the approval of the proposed name of the company. Next step is
filling up the documents that are required during the registration. The third
step is the payment of the required fees as mentioned in the companies Act
1956. The final step is the registration of company. After these four steps, the
company is incorporated.

Incorporation of company offers something to everyone

Whether it is a well-established company or it is fresh new start-up,
incorporation of company has something to offer to everyone. There are heaps of advantages and benefits of company incorporation. Incorporating a business is like making a new entity inside the eye of legal system. This adds value to the business which is incorporated. General population is worried about the financial security of their money. After a business is incorporated in the company form, security is offered to greater part of population.

For the starters, company incorporation can be a real stress. Even for the
veteran entrepreneurs, incorporation of a company can be a challenging task
because there are certain formalities and paperwork that is required for it.

Help of company registration consultant must be taken to implement company incorporation. Even the highly experienced business associates and investors have no clue when it comes to company incorporation.

Company registration consultant makes incorporation easier

As we saw, how cumbersome and hectic the incorporation of company can be?
However, the incorporation can be made easier with some assistance. There
are company registration consultancy firms that assist in the registration of
company. These firms have in-depth knowledge of the process and the
paperwork that is required for registration. When a company is registered, it
becomes a legal company and follows the rules and regulation established by
the government.

That is the reason why the people take help of these professionals for
company incorporation. By exploiting the services of experts and advocates,
company incorporation will not be tough task for you. If we talk about
management fees for company incorporation, it differs from state to state
depending on the lawful share assets of the company. Likewise, fees charged
by specialists for company registration may vary from place to place.
With the expertise of these professional, the company incorporation can be
done with a blink of an eye.