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Investing is a tricky concept. It can lead you to huge business revenues.
However, if proper steps are not followed while investing, it can lead to huge
losses. It has the ability to completely destroy someone’s life if investing is not
done cautiously. Let us look at some of the mistakes which investors make that destroy their lives:
 Depending too much on the company’s health cover
There are some people who depend too much on the company’s health
cover. If a person is caught up with a very serious disease, it may
happen that the cost of the medication is too much. The bank will be
pay only a part of the patient’s expenses which can lead to huge
financial trouble. This results in huge financial loss and will eat away all
your savings. So it is better to have ‘personal’ health cover rather than
depending on company’s health cover.
 Excessive use of credit card and loans
Sometimes people are so involved in taking loans that they end up in
deep trouble. Their saving becomes nil and they become bankrupt.
People are attracted towards various schemes to buy things in low cost
EMIs and using credit card to pay for things. Excessive use and addiction
of these things may lead you into big debts which are difficult to pay
later on. So it is very essential to makes proper and judicial use of the
credit card and loans.
 Overspending due to social pressure
People have the trait to show off. This can be very dangerous
sometimes. People spend so much in buying big houses, big cars and in
weddings just to show off. They do it to feel superior over the others.
This can lead to the downfall of a person and make his finances go down
sharply. So we must invest in only those things which are productive in
future or in those things which we need. Spending just to show off is

 Heavy spending problems
Some people are so much addicted towards spending that they do not
even calculate the future savings. If you spend on unrequired things,
then one day you may have to sell things you need. This is very essential
to see whether buying something is valuable to you or not. If it is
essential, then only we must buy it, otherwise not as it may drain all
your savings.
 Attracted toward free advice
People have the tendency to get easily attracted towards the free
advice. In India, everyone has an advice for you. Even the person who
doesn’t have any knowledge about a certain profession will have advice
for you. These advices may cost you deeply. So, it is always better to
take advice from the professionals.
As we have observed that there are certain mistakes which investors make
that destroys their lives. So it is better to have some precautions while taking
an investing decisions or you will fall into dept. Advice must be taken from
professionals like chartered accountant who will give you the best advice
although every advice is subject to market risk. But mostly they will show you
the right way and process to invest.


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