What are personal loans?
Loans which are used for personal use like for medical, education, vacations or
for the purchase of household items are known as personal loans. These are
different from the business or commercial loans. These can be unsecured or
secured by putting up the assets by co-signing the loan. The unsecured loans
are also called signature loans. When you apply for the loan, all your
information like the past credit history and credit score is checked. Personal
loans are brilliant when you need quick cash. Here are the things that you need
to know about the personal loan.

Purpose and eligibility of the personal loan
The main purpose of the personal loans is the expenses like loans for wedding,
home renovation, children higher education, other personal financial needs
etc. There are lots of eligibility criterions for the personal loan and each bank
has its own set of rules like minimum age, credit score, income, occupation,
assets, place where are you resigning etc.
Maximum possible loan tenure and disbursal of loan amount
A loan can be given maximum for five years. It is not possible to have a loan for
more than 5 years. When the loan is approved, it gets disbursed in 7 days of
work. As soon as the loan is approved, either you will get a cheque or
equivalent amount of money will be transferred into your bank account.
Maximum amount you can borrow from bank regarding personal
The maximum amount which one can borrow depends upon on the past loan
which one has taken. If the person is already having a huge loan then it is very
difficult to get your loan approved. Make sure that the loan which you are
applying for has an EMI 50% less than after paying the current EMI. Then only
you can have your loan approved.
What is the minimum loan amount?

It all depends upon the institutions and banks. Some banks have the minimum
amount of 30000 while some has no minimum amount.
It is always great to compare different loan schemes. These can be compared
using loan tenure, processing fees and other factors. Choosing the right bank is essential and it must be selected according to your requirements.

Maximum loan amount which you can get
There are many factors affecting the maximum loan amount you can get from
the bank. These factors include credit score and salary. If you have good credit
score, close to 900, then you are more likely to get your loan approved.
If you do not have a good salary, it may happen that your loan will not get
approved. So it is crucial to have a decent salary before applying for a loan.
There is no maximum limit as such.
The necessary documents
Some of the common documents that are required for applying for the loan
are as follows:
 Income confirmation documents
 Address proof documents
 ID proof
 Copies of degree

Loan repaying process
There are various options that are involved in the loan repaying process. It
depends on bank to bank. It can either be completed through post-dated
cheques or through the Electronic clearance system (ECS). You have the
provision to pay the loan before the end date of loan tenure.
The loan is generally approved by the loan sanctioning officer. First of all, you
will have to submit all the documents, and then the verification of the details is
done. If the officer finds all the information appropriate, then only he/she
sanctions the loan. Once your loan is approved, you will get your loan within
the seven days.

Loan interests
As the personal loans are unsecured, banks generally charge you a higher rate
of interest. These interests rate varies from bank to bank.
You can even get you loan with a co-applicant. As the salary bracket rises, the
chance of the larger loan also increases. Make sure that none of you have a
poor credit score or you will have difficulty is getting large loans. Good credit
score is also essential because if you have a good credit score around 900, then you have more chances of reducing the interest rate of the loan.


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