What is a Non Disclosure Agreement?

A non-disclosure Agreement is a legal contract stating certain confidential information, and the extent to which it is restricted to the third parties. It can be entered into or with a person or organization.

Confidential information could be anything i.e. Trade secrets, business plan, business methods and strategies, drawings, charts and more. Confidential information also includes software programmes and code.

Advantages of a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Protects Business Secrets

NDA  helps protect business secrets and other confidential information. It is a common agreement that is usually signed by every employee of the organization.

Enhances client relationships

Organizations generally let their employees sign NDA to help maintain a strong client relationship.

NDA Procedure

  1. Organizations generally execute agreements to be signed by their employees so that in future if they change the organization they will not disclose any secret information in front of any competitor organization. We help our clients in roaring of the NDA according to the needs. It takes approx. 3-4 days.
  2. In case you would like any changes to the agreement, our team will help in doing that. Two rounds of iteration are included in the original price.

Why BIAT Legal LLP

  1. We deliver all doubts in just 4 business days. And if you are not fully satisfied then it takes another couple of days to keep our clients satisfied to the fullest.
  2. We have a strong team having experience over 5 years who would advise you the best and clear all your queries around the clock. But our motive is to ensure that no client is unsatisfied.

Therefore, we can say that BIAT Legal LLP is a one stop solution for all your legal needs.

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