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Start Selling Your Electronic Products In India With BIS Registration Right Away From BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standard)

What Is BIS Registration?

BIS registration in India in India is necessary for all the electronics product selling in India which are listed under Compulsary Registration Scheme (CRS) governed by goverment of India . No matter whether you are foreigner or an Indian manufacutrer , rules are same for everyone in case of BIS Registration. You necessarily need to get BIS registration done before selling and exporting products in Indian market without any hinderence
The only authority to get your BIS Registration done in all over India is situated in Delhi , India with the name of BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standard ). It undergoes various analysis of product quality at various stages and if all goes good it issues a BIS Registration Certificate .

Registration Process

Brief description of how to get your BIS certification registered with BIATConsultant

1. Contact BIATConsultant

Contact the #1 buisiness professionals in India - BIATConsultant for your registraiton of BIS certification in India .

2. Choose A Plan

Choose the plan that best fits for you . Usually our prices are all transparent , but if you add on some requirment in existing packs , we would love to assist you for the same and customise our plans accordingly. We do also offer special price for big enteprises who have regular and large scale of requeirement .

3. Get List Of Document Required

BIATConsultant will be mailing you all the list of documents and procedure to get your BIS certificate registered without any hassle . As soon as we received the documents for BIS Registration , we will send the same to testing laboratries and BCI for certificaiton approval

4. Complete Documentation And Payment Prococess

After completion of documentation , complete the other relevant process as required and lastly the fees for the same .We will submit your applicaiton right away after that.

5. Get Your BIS Certificate By BIATConsultant

Yes , you will get the BIS certification certificate and other relevant things on mail as well as in hard copy as soon as we get it . In meanwhile you can track the progress and talk with our expert online right from your dashboard


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Are Document Required For BIS Registration In India?
Required Document List for BIS Registration Process is partitioned in 2 sections:

1. Right off the bat, you have to give the Technical Information of Product for lab test. It's about development points of interest of the item like –
I) PCB Layout
ii) Schematic Diagram
iii) User Manual
iv) Critical Component List (CCL)

It would be ideal if you click here to download the CCL organize.
2. Furthermore, you have to give the Factory Documents and Information to finish the BIS Application Form and Process. It's about essential data about the assembling unit like –
I) Legal Address Proof of Factory (Manufacturing License Copy)
ii) Trade Mark Registration Copy (Brand Name Registration)
iii) Organizational Chart of Factory (Top Management + QA Team)
iv) List of Machinery
v) List of Equipments (QA)
vi) Documents of Authorized Indian Representative (AIR), in the event of outside producer

What Are Costing & Timeline For BIS Registration
Costing for BIS Registration

Add up to Cost for BIS Registration is Indian Rupees 130000* or USD 2400* for each lead model of a brand of an item classification.
This cost includes all other costs such as testing expense, BIS charge and consultancy charge.
Dealing with extra cost might occur for couple of particular items.
GST @ 18% will likewise be material furthermore on installment in Indian Rupees.

Timetable for BIS Registration

Time for BIS Registration will be approx. 30-45 working days, including testing time (15-20 working days) and BIS application preparing time (10-15 working days).
This term can be diminished if all the required data and archives are submitted expeditiously by the aplicant.
*T&C Apply
What Are Guideline For Multiple Model And Series ?
In Single BIS Registration Application, 10 comparative models (arrangement models) of one brand can be prepared together given all models fall in arrangement rule. Just Set Top Box can have numerous brands of 10 arrangement models in single BIS Registration Application. For cell and battery, it can be upto 20 arrangement models (1+19).
What Is Process Of BIS Registration ?
Procedure of BIS Registration is separated in two stages:

Step-1: Firstly, the example of item is to be given to "BIS Approved Indian Laboratory" for testing under characterized IS Standard.
Step-2: Secondly, in the wake of getting the test report, apply to BIS Office with endorsed topped off Form VI appended with lab test report, industrial facility records, data and undertaking. After investigation of all submitted reports and data, BIS Registration Certificate will be issued.
What Are Guidelines For BIS Registration For Importer And Trader ?
BIS Registration Certificate is issued to Manufacturing Units only and thereby no Importer or Trader can get it in their own name

All Importers and Traders need to get BIS Registration for their separate Manufacturing Unit before putting in their request for booked electronic things. They can start and arrange the procedure of BIS Registration for their particular assembling unit.
Merchant/Trader can ask for the assembling unit to get the BIS Registration in their (Importer's/Trader's) mark name.

Shipper/Trader can turn into the Indian Representative for Foreign Manufacturing Unit as it is compulsory to have an Indian Representative to get BIS Registration.
Validity Of BIS Certificate And Renewal Process ?
BIS Registration is legitimate for a long period of 2 years and it can be renewed subsequently. Hardly any reports and expenses will be expected to get reestablishment. Testing of test isn't required for it.
What Are Guidelines For Marketing Lables ?
Each item should have clear stamping mark which can't be expelled, can't be washed off and can't be scratched by ordinary exertion. It is encouraged to make it either by printing or emblazoning on the item. Printed metal plate very much settled on item can likewise be a decent alternative.

Following data must be said on stamping mark :
Name of Product (Category)
Brand Name
Show Number
Power Rating (Input/Output)
Made in Country Name (Like Made In India, Made In China and so forth.)
Name of Manufacturer
Other data on stamping mark is discretionary and can be said according to items' individual necessity.

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