Cash Flow Management Services

Manage your cash effecienctly with BIATConsultant cash flow management serices and growth your organisation . We facilitate cash flow and inventory management along with workign capital management , cost management and strategy formation services

What is Cash Flow Management?

In business terms cash is considered to be the most liquid of assets and is considered to be most eminent for growth and investment. Therefore, it is important for every organization to manage cash in a more effective manner. The cash flow forecasting and management helps in interminable operations and transactions of the business. It therefore enhances the comparability of the cash dealings in an organization and eliminates the risk of accounting mistreatment.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What BIATConsultant facilitates ?
1. Trade receivables
2. Accounts Payable
3. Sound Inventory Management
4. Assets Planning
5. Financing and Loan management
Why is Working Capital Management Crucial to a company?
It is important to have a good working capital of a company as it shows the reliability of an organization and also ensures the firm’s continuity. The management involves managing and inventories, accounts receivables and payables and also cash.
Activities performed by BIAT consultant in contemplating Working Capital Management ?
1. Reviewing the functions that are necessary for an Organization and managing the team goal and tasks.
2. Scrutinizing the receivables and payable cycle.
3. Setting benchmarks and escalation of processes.
4. Identification of scope of areas to improve cash flow cycles.
5. Conferring better payment and collection terms.
Why is cost Management important for every business?
Now businesses faces major problem of cash management. Therefore, it is important for everey organization to learn the cost management i.e. the process of planning and controlling the budget of the business. It helps organizations in deciding upon their expenditures and not to go over budget. Therefore, planning, estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, managing and controlling cost so that the task can be completed within the approved tenure and budget.
What BIAT consultant helps you with?
1. Analyzing of business objectives
2. Establishing budget costs, reports, preparation of charts etc.
3. Evaluating cost savings, excessive cost, efficiency etc.
4. Comparison of actual cost and standard cost
5. Identification of scope of areas to improve cash flow cycles.
6. Reviewing the cost structure.
What is Profit Maximization Strategies? How to make your business more profitable?
The basic motive of an organization is to earn profits. CFO being the financial head plays an eminent role in maximization of profits for an organization. Profit is the most functional area of an organization therefore the opportunities are being looked into for maximization of the same.
BIAT consultant helps in determining and deriving even the smallest opportunity of saving cost and maximizing profits. The technique involves shall be :
1. Revenue growth plan
2. Optimization of operating expenses
3. Process outsourcing strategy
4. Pricing strategy
5. Business trend analysis
6. Financial analysis
7. Systematic controls
8. Improving the business efficiency

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