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What Is ISI Registration?

ISI mark certification is a short term for Indian Standard Institute which is former name of Burean Of Indian Standard . The main aim behind issuing ISI registration certificate is to maintain the quality control of industrial goods . It also helps customers to choose the best quality product as it is issued by ISI which will keep an eye on product quality , defects and so on .BIS always ensures that quality assurance of the product are being followed at every step of manufacturing process . Any industry can affix an ISI certificartion on its product after undergoing through a quality test and approval by NABL certified labaratory and it should also be approved by BIS .
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Registration Process

Brief description of how to get your ISI Registration certification

1. Confirmation of Product Quality as per concerned IS Standard

-Identification of ISI Standard Code
-Collection of the Testing Sample from applicant
-Testing of sample at our lab
-Issuing the guideline about Non-Conformity, if any
-Issue of Test Report for your reference

2.Filing of the Application Form

-Arrange the Internal Test Report of product as per test report given by us for your reference
-Compiling of all required documents
-Remit the application fees direct to BIS in USD*
-Filling-up the Form-VI
-Submission of Application Form with all enclosures
-Get the confirmation about scrutiny of documents by BIS Office

3. Inspections by the Department

- Get the confirmation about BIS Inspection Team
-Organize the VISA, Ticket, Lodging & Boarding for visiting team
-Inspection team will visit to Factory for Physical Verification
-Team will verify the Factory Set-up & Quality Control Process
-Team will pick the random sample to be tested in BIS Approved Lab

4. Organize the Lab Test Report (LTR)

-Select the BIS recognized lab as per guideline of BIS Office
-Provide the sample (picked-up by team) of product to get tested
-Get the test result

5. Closure of Non-Conformity (if any) and Remit the Official Fees & Getting ISI Certification

-Rectify the process of Factory Unit, if inspection team points out
-Submit the proof of rectification done by unit to close non-conformity
-Pay the annual marking fees (annual license fees) to BIS
-Submit the Bank Guarantee to BIS
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Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Are Document Required For ISI Registration In India?
Documents Required for ISI (BIS) Certification in India for Foreign Manufacturers are as under:
-Main Application Form 1 - Download the Form (Basic details of factory & product category)

-ISI Application Fee - Download the Bank Details (Copy of Remittance / Payment Advice)

-Copy of Test Report to be submitted with a month by internal laboratory
(Indicating conformance of the product to relevant Indian Standard)

-AManufacturing unit address proof (Factory License / Tax Registration copy mentioning the scope as manufacturer)

-TradeMark Registration (TM Registration copy)

-Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies for manufacturing
(If there is any)

-Drawing of the product (As applicable)

-Present Installed Capacity (Manufacturing)

-Raw Material Details (Name of component used - name of supplier - quality certification of component)

-Details of Machines (Name of machine – make - capacity – number/quantity)

-Layout plan of factory (Floor & technical)

-Details of Manufacturing Process (Process flow chart along with outsourcing details, if any)

-Nature of packing (Size/quantity of packaging, storage facility)

-Details of Test Equipments (Name of equipment - Size – Quantity – Calibration Status & Date)

-Details of QC (Quality Control) Staff (Name of person, qualification, designation, year of experience)

-Method of disposal of substandard product (After manufacturing)

-Organizational Chart of Factory (Management list with name & designation in chart format)

-Location Map of Factory (With indicating the distance from Airport & City Centre)

-Authorized Indian Representative / Indian Liaison Partner (Details of Indian Dealer / Indian Liaison Partner who will represent you in BIS

What Are Costing & Timeline For ISI Registration

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