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What Is Copyright Registration In India ?

Legally Copyright is law that gives ownership over the things you invent . Most common categories for the things to be copyright in India is Literary Work , Software Code , Musical Code and Graphical Works . Once the copyright right is obtained , unless otherwise permitted no one can use your copyright thing or make copies of the same unless you have the written permission for the same .
Copyright once permitted is valid for the period of 60 years from the date author dies . It is a type of intellectual property that restricts anyone to use , distribute or publish the same .

Registration Process

Brief description of how to get your Copyright registered online in India

1. Contact BIATConsultant

Contact the legal consultant in India - BIATConsultant for your copyright registraiton online in India . Don't worry we will give you consultation free of cost

2. Application Preparation : 2-3 Working Days

Our expert team of legal experts will begin copyright registration process by preparing the applciaition in required format . For that we need the basic information about your product together with some supporting documents . Along with the documents authorisation letter is also required to file applicaiton on your behalf.

3.Application Filing: 1 working day

Our expert team of Lawyers will file registraiton applciaiton online . Upon successful filing , you will receive a diary number.

4.Goverment Approval : 30-45 Working Day

After obtaining a diary number , you have to mandatory wait for 30-45 working days , as during such time it can be assured that no objection can be raised . After 30 working days examiner will scrutinize will approval if no discrepancy has got found .In case of any objection , you have to reply with valid reply which will be followed by hearing before registar and if satisfied it will be sent to dupty registar for approval .

5. Get Your Copyright registraiton

After approval from the deputy registar you will be able to get copyright registraiton certificate .


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Type Of Work Is Elegible To Get Protected Under Copyright?
-Literary work
-Dramatic work, including original sound score and music
-Musical work, including lyrics and accompanying sounds
-Cinematographic, motion pictures, and other forms of audio-visual films
-Theatrical and choreographic work, including pantomimes
-Architectural work
-Sound recording
-Picture, photographs, paintings, artistic representations, graphics, and sculptures
Can I Register Multiple Works In Single Registration?
Yes , in some cases it is absolutely possible to submit a single applicaiton for collection of works . You can contact BIATConsultant legal experts to know more.
Can Copyright Also Protect Company Name Or Slogan?
No for that you can get a trademark registration . Copyright does not protech the same .
Can Joint Applicant Can Hold Single Copyright ?
Yes sometimes joint applicant can also hold a single copyright when work is inseperable and both the works are interdependent , and it should be filed on both the owner name .
What If Someone Uses My Creation In Case Of Copyright Applicaiton Under Process Or After Registration ?
You receive a copyright protection even if your application is under process . Also after registration in case you find someone breaching the same , you can send notice for the same and after than can sue the party for the same by hiring legal consultant from BIATConsultant

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