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What Is Design Registration ?

Designs are any kind of design or creation new and original feature, like creation of a new shape, surface pattern, ornamentations and composition of colours applied to articles which is in the finished state appeal, i.e. any product which is appealing to eye that products can take protection under Design. Designs are administered by the Design Act, 2000 and corresponding design rules, 2001.

Requirements For Filing Design Applications?

Following are the requirements that need to be met before any one applies for design registration:-
-The designs for which an application have been moved, those designs must be new and original, mere changes and alterations in the designs does not constitute as designs.
-Designs applicable to any article must be through Industrial Process. And designs should relate to new shape, configuration and ornamentation of any product. Designs must be given for something which is appealing to eyes and is unique.
-Designs must not contain any laudatory and obscene matter.
-And the photos which are required for designs must be given from its angles.

Procedure For Registration Of Designs

Any person or company having its new and original Designs can apply for esign registration. Registration can be done either by the Agents or through the Advocates, and Power of Attorney will be required for this case.
Firstly Application for Design Registration is to be filed and all the details which is required to be given in the form is to be given by the Applicant along with the following documents which are required to be annexed:

-Any drawing or plans which shows the feature of the designs from different views.
-A statement of Novelty or disclaimer should be given if any detailing the work, Trademark, action, letter, mechanical action and numerals should be endorsed in the representation sheet which should be duly signed and dated from the applicant.
-And Power of Attorney should be attached if any.

Once Application form along with the prescribed fees is submitted i the Patent Office then it is taken up for examination. The examiner will examine the application form along with the documents and if he found any error in the application form then he will direct an applicant to either correct the same or resubmit the application form within the prescribed time which will be provided by the officials.
When the application is accepted when the applicant has met with all the requirement and and is notified in the Patent Office Journal.
Then Patent office will register the Designs and will provide the certificate for Design Registration to the Applicant.

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Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Are Document Required For Design Registration In India?
-Configuration must be new or unique and not utilized in any district before the date of use.
-The outline should identify with highlights of shape, arrangement, example or ornamentation connected or relevant to an article.
-The plan ought to be connected or material to any article by any modern procedure, suggesting the mass generation of an article. Articles, for example, painting, models, and so forth are avoided from enlistment.
-The plan must be obvious to the eye when connected or appropriate to the article for which it is made.
-The outline must not contain any commendatory or vulgar issue
-It ought not be against lawfulness or profound quality of general society.
-Photographs expected of plan from all points.
What Is Timeline Taken For Complete Process?
Well than depends on process to process , but on an average it taken 3 - 6 months for whole process .
What Is Validity Of Registraiton Once It Got Registered ?
It will be valid for the period of 20 years from the date of registration .
Is Design Registered In India Internatinally Valid ?
Yes , It is Internationally Valid
Do BIATConsultant Guarantee Approval Of Trademark name ?
Well we are not the dad of the same !! It totally depends on goverment judgement . Hoever if it is unique , it is most like to be approved .

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