Foreign Portfolio Investment SEBI

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Foreign portfolio Investment SEBI

It is a kind of investment which is done by Non-residents in the securities like shares, government bonds, corporate bonds, convertible securities, infrastructure security etc. and the investors who are making investment are known as Foreign Portfolio Investors. It is mandatory for every Foreign Portfolio Investors to get themselves registered under SEBI (Foreign Portfolio Investment) Regulation, 2014 and the same is regulated under the framework of SEBI.
Investors are required to be registered in any of the classified categories described below-
Investors are required to be registered in any of the classified categories described below-
Category 1- It includes Foreign investors, which are related with government such as central banks, government agencies, sovereign wealth funds.
Category 2- It includes regulated agencies like Banks, Asset management company, Investment Managers etc. And in case of broad base funds which may be regulated such as mutual funds, investment trusts etc, or non-regulated.
Category 3- It includes those investors, which are not covered under the above categories.

Procedure for registration of Foreign portfolio Investment

Step 1- The applicant has to apply to the designated depository participant in Form A along with the prescribed fees.
Step 2- An investor who is seeking, to invest in Indian Market should comply with the following qualification-
The applicant should be non-resident in India. Moreover, he's should be resident of a country which meets the following criteria,
(i) it securities market regulator should be a signatory to a International Organization of securities Commissions multilateral memorandum of understanding or party to an MOU with SEBI.
(ii) In case, if the applicant is a bank then their Central Bank should be a member of the bank for International Settlement,
(iii) should not be a resident in a country which is identified in the Public Statement of Financial Action task force, having issue related to terrorism, or money laundering.
Applicant should be legally authorized to invest outside the country of incorporation or place of business and as per its MOA and AOA or any other equivalent documents in securities.
Step 3- After receving application, the Board or the designated depository participant if required, then inform the applicant to furnish such further information/clarification or appear themselves before the Board or depository participant. And if the bOard is not satisfied with their information or clarification then they may reject the application, but before rejection of the application one opportunity of being heard is given to the applicant.
Step 4- If Board or Depository participant is satisfied with the application, then they can grant the certificate of registration in Form-B of first schedule, after collecting the prescribed fees and remit the same to the Board. They dispose of the application not later than 30 days after the receipt of, or after the information further furnishes, whichever is later.
Step 5- Once the certificate is granted it remains permanent unless suspension or it cancellation is done by the Board, or unless it is suspended by the Applicant itself.


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