International Tax Advisory Services

We provide international tax advisory services for business in India. We are known to be leading business advisors in India

International Tax Advisory Services

If any businesses are carrying operations in India as well as abroad then it is very important to understand the international tax advisory system. We here at BIAT Consultant provide expert services regarding international Tax advisory as it is mandatory to keep updated with new legislative developments in the tax field.
In order to get success in the global competition it is very important to plan a tax strategy and align your implementation with your planned corporate tax strategy.
The experts at BIAT consultant is having 25+ experience in the field of tax advisory’ we will share our coverage and experience

What Do You Facilitate ?

1) Cross-border needs
2) Legal compliance
3) Transfer pricing transaction
4) Other tax issues

Services Provided By BIATConsultant

What are required business goalsin order to achieve latest analytics on tax updates by which required knowledge can be gained ?
1) EU Direct Tax Group- This group involved tax experts (of law field) in Europe. They are required to be updated to cope up with the changes and explore their activities, opportunities and investment decisions.
2) Latin American Tax group- the growth and stability of Latin American Tax group makes it an attractive region for Multinationals for contemplating business and for expanding an existing business.
3) International tax Desk- it includes tax professionals from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa with specific tax, and business knowledge required for exploring new opportunities.
What services are provided by BIATConsultant ?
1. Mergers, acquisitions and dispositions.
2. Structuring new operations in a new region
3. Financing the Latin american operations
4. Tax treatment related to cross border transactions including deductibility, withholding taxes.
5. Regional shared service centers
6. Holding company structures for various regions.
7. Limited service ris model containing contract and toll manufacturing and limited risk distribution.
Globalized Research and Development
In respect of encouragement of investment from outside the nation, new entrants in the market plays a pivotal role as they help to get grants and tax incentives for the encouragement of investment from outside India.
We have an expert team of R&D hih helps in identifying and document research expenditures.
In this way international specialists help the multinational to take advantage of tax incentives, identify the effect of transfer price and formulate the corporate strategy for cross border transactions.
What steps needs to be followed for implementaiton of strategy ?
1. Firstly research activity is being identified.
2. Verify the detailed accounting records to find out the cost for availing the tax relief.
3. Considering the existing and potential tax planning strategies based on the different jurisdictions.
4. To reduce the cost one has to gather, organise and develop the documents.
5. Develop procedures, technologies which will enable to improve the efficiency and effectiveness for current and future incentives.

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