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The RNI stands for ‘’ Registrar of Newspaper for India’’ and the ministry of information and the broadcasting in India makes all the rules and regulations for the registrar of newspapers for India[RNI] and they need to work accordingly.
These rules are made under the press and registration of books act,1867.The first thing an applicant is needed is to begin a business of magazine , journals , newspapers etc.The publication industry in India is growing at a rapid speed and the publication of newspapers , magazines , books are governed by the press and the registration act , 1867.


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What is registration process of RNI ?
The registration process of the RNI is being highlighted below -

1] The registration process of RNI begins with verification of the proposed name of newspaper by the registrar of newspapers for India.
2] After the verification , an application is made for the title verification containing -

A] Name of the Newspaper
B] Periodicity
C] Circulation language
D] Newspaper publication proposed area

3] All the necessary information is needed to be submitted to the district magistrate.
4] An online application can also be filled for the title to be verified with the RNI due internet being popular and easy to use.
5] The credentials of the applicant will be verified by the district magistrate and therefore will be forwarded to the RNI for availability checking.
6] A letter of title verification is being issued by RNI in order to notify the district magistrate and publisher about title availability.
7] Thereafter a declaration is needed to be filed by the publisher with the district magistrate to start newspaper publishing.
8] It must be noted that an application being submitted to the RNI together with the following documentation -

A] Attested copy of title verification
B] Newspaper first issue
C] declaration copy
D] Duly attested no foreign tie up affidavit

9] Make sure that within 45 days from the date of declaration , the first issue of newspaper should be brought and in case of periodicity is daily or weekly while in case of other periodicals it should be within 90 days newspaper should be issued.
What are information which needs to be published on newspaper ?
The information to be available in the newspaper is provided below -

1] Dateline
2] Volume number
3] Issue number
4] The title
5] Page Number
6] An imprint line that contains various details such as the name of the publisher, printer , owner and editor name,address of the publication as well as the name and address of the printing press.
What are documents needed for registration of RNI ?
The documentation required for the RNI registration are as follows -

1] A declaration being duly authorized by the district magistrate
2] A copy of the title verification letter
3] An affidavit duly signed by publisher and attested for no foreign tie up.
4] A copy of first publication of newspaper
5] A signed copy of printer agreement together with printing press copy.

There are various additional know your customer documentation which are also needed are highlighted below -
1] The certificate of Incorporation and the memorandum of the company
2] The registration certificate in case of shops and establishment act
3] The partnership deed in case of a partnership firm will be needed
4] A copy of board resolution in case of a company
5] All details of the directors ,partners ,promoters
6] The ID and address proof of the partners , directors or proprietor
What are post registration requeirement ?
Post registration , after the last day of february the first issue shall have duly filled form number IV which defines a statement regarding the ownership and other important information of the newspaper.

There is one more compulsory compliance which is related to annual statements in the form II on or before the last day of May every year.One can also make filing of application again in case of change in publisher , printing press , owners , printers etc.

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