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What is strategic planning and why it is needed for a successful business plan?

In order to prepare a strategic plan you have to first finalize your business plan. Business plan is considered to be a written statement of an entrepreneurial vision. A good business plan seemed to be a roadmap for the organization.
It contains a detailed report of business activity which includes product/service, goal set up, competitor’s analysis, market analysis and financial projections.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
Key areas of business plan ?
1. Executive
2. Business model
3. Market strategies
4. Competitive analysis
5. Technology and product plan
6. Revenue plan
7. Financial projections
8. Valuations of business
9. Investment offerings
Why is the business plan required?
A plan, vision, goal is required in order for an organization to run more efficiently. If a plan is appropriate one can achieve an appropriate goal in business.
Business plan review ?
Before meeting the investor if anyone wants to review its plan by the team of experts then our professional team provides such assistance to our clients and helps to improve their business plan in a more efficient way.
What is corporate planning and Organization Structure?
Corporate planning is considered to be a strategic tool to set the long term goals and to meet objectives for the business growth and productivity. Thus, it will help in streamlining of the operations and to achieve the business goal. It is a systematic process of determining the goals to be achieved in the future course of action. The management's fundamental planning about future economy, technology and competition are the main focus of the corporate planning.
The corporate structure is referred to be the hierarchy of the organization which implicates the working of the corporate in the organizational structure. Thus corporate planning and structure focuses on formulating, monitoring, and implementing the operational plans to achieve objectives.
Why is corporate planning and structure important for an Organization?
Corporate planning helps small enterprises to make a planning and to pursue with the future strategies and ways to implement it.
For forecasting financial results, projected revenues, expenses and profits of the company , strategic planning etc. are needed. The owner of the company prepares corporate plans and structure for long range capital plans, and various other functions of the organization that needs to be undertaken.
Why is forecasting and sensitivity analysis important?
It is important and effective step for successful operations of a business-
1. It provides relevant and reliable information about the past, present events and likely future events. This is necessary for sound planning.
2. It gives confidence to managers to make decisions relating to forecasting
3. It helps in analysing and understanding the problem area.
4. It is helpful in comparing the actual and estimated results.
5. Helps in developing a sound foundation in management.
What is the important of sensativity analysis ?
1. It helps in identifying the key variables that have influence in the cost and benefits of the project.
2. It is useful in determining the demands, expenses, operating costs, legal costs, revenue and financial benefits.
3. This method helps in assessing whether changes will affect a particular project and the consequences of the same.
4. It helps in determining the unpleasant situations that might occur due to change, thereby identifying and implementing the actions that will help mitigate these adverse effects.
Why is it important for a company to prepare a budget?
By planning a budget it helps company to run in a more effective way as it is already decided by a company about planning how to raise funds, weather being venture capitalists, PE funding, IPO Etc. the budgeting system allows to forecast the future costing and evaluating the investors and lenders.
Importance of budgeting analysis
1. It helps as a shield to the potential problems
2. Helps in determining and evaluation of actual performance
3. It is a roadmap for future growth
4. Helps in estimation of costs of projects in a well defined manner
5. In the process of budgeting analysis the accounting software can be used by the companies which helps in automation of the budget process and helps in keeping the track of expenses electronically.
6. These software packages also gather or collect information from the company accounting department to create simpler processes for managing and creating budgets. These are invaluable tools for managing information and reviewing information in real time format.

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