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The BEE stands for ‘’ Bureau of energy efficiency’’and it was formulated by the government of India under the ministry of power.According to law,the government has made compulsory to have ratings and labels on certain products in order to specify the real performance of the product and therefore the customers can easily make rightful choices.
The bureau of energy efficiency provides ratings to the companies according to the performance of the product and therefore the product or company having higher BEE level rating confirms which product is better as compared to each other.
The company's major focus should be on achieving high bureau of energy efficiency[BEE] rating.It should be noted that the higher BEE rating would lead to higher market share of the company or its product.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What are the reasons why company need BEE certification ?
There are various types of ayush license BEE certification services in India.It should be noted that they need BEE certificate in order to prove their status in the market .

There are various reasons for which companies are in need of BEE certification for their products -

1] The BEE certifications lead to an increase in their market share at a higher level.
2] The companies with BEE certification have more customers as compared to others.
3] The customers are highly satisfied as the bureau of energy efficiency[BEE] certification generates a feeling of trust , security and faith in the mind of customers.
4] According to law , it is mandatory to have bureau of energy efficiency[BEE] ratings on appliances like AC ,refrigerator , fans ,pumps ,water heaters etc.
5] It leads to development of energy consumption and attraction of more customers towards high rated products.
What are the standards and levels of bureau of effeciency in India ?
The bureau of energy efficiency[BEE] has always set certain standards for various products and these products should achieve the specified standards in order to get BEE certification license to get sold in the indian market.
There are specified ratings from 1 to 5 which are marks being stamped on the products and they indicate the level of performance of each product as per the ratings they achieve.The whole work or task involves various technical experts ,testing labs , customer organization and industry associations etc.
What are the different types of levels in BEE certification ?
There are two types of labels that are provided to products in the indian market and are highlighted below -

According to this label , the products are provided ratings between 1 to 5 together with the BEE logo and license number.The main objective of the rating is to provide the right information about the product to the customers.

Under this label , the products are provided ratings for their minimum performance and are certified with the Bureau of energy efficiency [BEE] certificate etc.

What are the list of mandatory products for BEE certification ?
The list of mandatory product BEE certification is provided below -

1] Air conditioners
2] Refrigerators [frost free]
3] Tubular lamps
4] Distribution transformers
What are the list of voluntary products in BEE certification ?
The list of voluntary product is provided below -

1]Electric geysers
2] Television
3] Agricultural pumps
4] Ceiling fans
5] Geysers
6] Induction motors
7] LPG stoves
8] Washing machine
9] Laptops
10] Diesel engine
11] AC inverter
Conclusion from BIATConsultant ?
The main focus of the Bureau of energy efficiency is to formulate plans and strategies for the conservation of energy in the Indian economy.It provides various standards to guide companies to make better products which are energy saving and reduce their operational cost and save energy consumption.

The BIAT Consultant provides a complete assistance of BEE certification services in India from the initial level to the last step of providing certificates in the hands of clients or applicant.

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