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Home Loan In India

When it comes to India , home loan is the most trending financial issue for any individual who wish to purchase/build its own home . Buying of home is always a costly approach for any of the individual residing in India , and in order to overcome with this issue banks and various other financial institution provides a long term loan facility to borrowers which they have to return with interest amount from which they have availed the loan facility .
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Why Home Loan ?

The answer to this question is self explanatory. However buying a house and availing loan facility for the same might not be the only reason . There are various other reasons for availing finance services and the most common among these is for investment purposes . One of the another reason why people tends to buy house is due to hard known fact that with time the cost of the land also rises and also act as a liquid form of investment . By going through all these facts , we can say " Home Loan Is Not An Option Anymore , Rather A Necessity " .


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Are The Various Types Of Home Loan ?
The type of home loan primary depends on type of property you wish to buy and the amount of loan required by you . Various banks and non banking financial institution provides with following kinds of housing loans :
Loan For Purchase Of Home : The explanation to these types of loan is self explanatory and most of the banks and NBFC's deals in these kind of loan with ease
Loan For Construction Of House : These types of loan is usually availed by person who are in need of construction of house . For avail this loan , the land wherein house is to be constructed has to be necessarily purchased within 1 year in order to count the cost of land as part of loan amount . You also need to provide with cost estimates for construction in relation to cost of land .
Plot Loans : These loan are usually used to buy plots of land .
Revocation Loan : This loan is provided to lender for expansion of already purchased property or for making changes in existing property .
NRI Home Loan : If you are an NRI residing outside India and wants to purchase property inside India , this type of loan can be availed .
Stamp Duty Loan : It is availed on the amount of stamp duty charges incur during purchasing of property
Eligibility Criteria For Home Loan ?
Age: Your age should be between 21 years to upto 65 years for availing loan facility with bank .
Employment : The only criteria being you must be working or self employed for at-least 3 previous years and must have most recent employment for at least 1 year .
Income : Your minimum annual income should be 5 lakhs to be eligible for home loan .
Residence : The applicant must have stable residence for atleast 1 year
Credit Rating : You must have an excellent credit score .
What are the required documents for home loan ?
- The following are the documents that are required from all the guarantors:
The duly filled and attested application form along with two passport size photographs.
ID proof of the applicant. It can be anything from Voter ID, AADHAR Card, Pan card, driving license

The address proof of the applicant that entails electricity Bill, telephone bill, Passport.
The bank account statement detailing the transactions of last 6 months
Business proof of the non-salaried individuals.
A statement that details personal assets and liabilities

Identification of signature from current banks the applicant has accounts in As for the guarantor, the following documents will be required
ID proof and address proof
2 passport sized photographs
The Proof of business or employment
A statement that details personal assets and liabilities
Identification of signature from current banks
Identification of signature from current banks that the guarantor has accounts in.

If you are a salaried employee, the following documents will be needed from you
Employee certificate from the employer
ITR or form 16 of the last 2 years.

If you are a self-employed professional, you will need to provide the following documents:
A challan that signifies that you have indeed paid your taxes
The assessment orders or ITRs for the last three years.

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