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What Is DOT OSP Registration ?

Any one who is involved in business of BPO/Call centres , tele banking , tele medicine or any other mode of telecommunicaiton industry doing call centre business in India is termed as OSP ( Other Service Provider ). For any of the service provider providng any of the telecommunication business and is using teleocm resources such as public telecom network , digital network etc , must have to register with Department Of Telecom (DOT) in India to carry on their telecom business .
Other important factor being only a Private Limited Company will be able to obtain OSP registration license from DOT .

Registration Process

Brief description of how to get your DOT OSP certification registered

1. Contact BIATConsultant

Contact the professionals in India - BIATConsultant for your registraiton of DOT OSP certification in India . Leave the rest to us

2. Mail All Required Documents To Us

After getting connected with our sales manager over the mail , mail all your relevant documents to our sales in person manager , so that we can align all documents and submit the same to DOT

3.Get Acknowledgement and tracking details

Get acknowledgement of applicaiton submission to DOT , and get tracking details in your user dashboard in BIATConsultant

4.Wait for 2 months

It usually takes 7 days for submission of documents and 2 months for getting a DOT OSP registration certificate . Physicall verification will be carried out by DOT staff at the address of BPO , once verified , they will give us provision certificate .

5. Get Your DOT OSP License

Yes , you will get the DOT OSP permanent license which will be valid for 20 years from the time of issue , after gettig full verification and other relevant things .

Comprensive Guide To Start A BPO In India

For every aspiring entrepreneurs who desire to start a BPO the procedure for its Registration may sound tedious. In this guide we have outlined certain easy steps which you can follow to start a BPO in India.
When it comes to Indian Stereotypes, talk about the call centres come at the top of it. But, regardless of how it might look like, there is a certain amount of untapped potential of profit in this industry. This fact is pretty evident by the fact that several start-ups are actually moving forward with their dreams of having their own Business Processing Outsource (BPO). However, this entire prospect of BPO centre is not quite easy. It requires patience, lots of legal hurdles, and lots of documents that can make the entire process quite daunting. However, with this blog, we aspire to ease your pain on how to start a BPO in India. Once you are done with this blog, you will have a more intimate understanding of the documents you require and the acts which you need to perform.
Step 1- setting up your BPO institution as a legal entity
Before you move on to setting up your Business Processing, you need to make sure that it stands as a proper legal entity. When it comes to India, you should sick with the most popular and the most feasible legal entity. Private Limited Company is the most relevant one. You can read about that how to give your business this legal identity in one of our other blogs.
Step 2- adhere to the purpose of BPO
A BPO is meant to provide services, these services come under other service providers (OSP). Therefore you will need to provide an OSP registration to your legal entity.
Step 3- Adhere to the following guidelines
Here is a succinct outlook on the guidelines that you need to follow while setting up a BPO:
1. There are exclusivity for call centres in India.
2. They are registered under OSP category defined in section NTS 99.
3. The validity period is 20 year.
4. 100% FDI is permissible in all of the call centres in India
5. There should be no change in foreign or Indian promoters to the call center until approved by the competent authority
6. The resources that the call centre use should have legal standing
7. The telecom services provided to the BPOs will be based on their approved network diagrams.
8. There should be no interconnecticity of the international call centre to the domestic one.
9. The Department of Telecommunication is responsible for providing the adequate approval for interconnecting two domestic centers.
There are several other guidelines which you need to adhere in a letter head that you need to provide along with the following documents:
1. A DD of 1000 Rupees in the name of “pay and accounts officer (HQ), DOT”
2. Location of the termination sites of IPLC
3. Bandwidth of that IPLC
4. Number of seats in the centre
5. Schematic diagram of the call centre
6. Name of the foreign/domestic clients associated with the BPO


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Are Document Required For DOT OSP Registration In India?
In regard to the DOT OSP Registration, following documents are needed:

-Certification of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies
-Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA/AOA)
-Board Resolution or Power of Attorney authorizing the authorized signatory with attested signatures
-Nature of business or activities of the proposed OSP
-List of Directors of the company
-Present shareholding pattern of the company indicating equity detail
What Are Costing Timeline For DOT OSP Registration
Usually it takes 60 days for complete registration process . But the time may vary depeding on the time taken by DOT in India
Can Company Can Apply For More Than One Registration ?
OSP license is valid usually for one locaiton for which company has applied for . But in case they are opening a BPO in some other location also , then they have to mandatory obtain a new license of DOT OSP for that locaiton also . For that they have to submit another applciaition together with present OSP license documents
What Is Validity Of DOT OSP License?
DOT OSP license once obtained will be valid for 20 years from the date of issue , thereafter it will be renewed for 10 years each time .
What If After Getting License ?
Within 6 months of obtaining the license , OSP must submit "Annual Return" to registering authority , which must include the details of business which has been carried over during that time period , and declaration of continuing their OSP registration in future .After validating the status , it will be changed to active OSP list by DOT . The OSP which does not submit return for 3 consecutive year will be treated as dormant and license will get expired .
Can DOT License Can Be Transferred To Another Private Limited Company ?
No , unofrtunately it is not permitted by DOT in India , you have to apply for the new one .
What Is Domestic And International License ?
OSP who is carrying on their business in India will have to obtain a domestic license , and of they want to carry on business outside India also , they will be needing an international OSP license ..
Can Domestic OSP Can Be Connected With International OSP
No , unofrtunately it is not permitted by DOT in India .

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