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What is FSSAI?

FSSAI is a short abbreviation used for the Food safety and Standard Authority of India. For any business that deals with food and food products, an FSSAI Registration is mandatory by law. Ofcourse you will need other licenses as well, but for food process and distributing food products ,you need to have an FSSAI License. The reason for introducing a FSSAI Registration process was to keep a check on quality and standards of food in India and to reduce Adulteration.

Who need a FSSAI Registration? ?

According to FSSAI Rules, any person who is in the food business has to have an FSSAI License. In fact, any business that is into the procurement (Import), manufacture processing, packaging, storage and distribution of food items need to have FSSAI Registration. Once you register online, you will be given 14 digit registration or License Number that needs to be displayed in all food products.

Type of FSSAI Registration ?

Identification of Category
Fill in the FSSAI Registration form o our website. We will need details about your business to determine what category it falls under.
Verification of Documents
You will need to send us the documents necessary for the license by the e-mail. We will check these documents to make sure this process goes smoothly. Filing the Application Once the documents have been checked thoroughly, we shall create FSSAI Form A and Form B for your application for the license.
Generating inspection details
Our CS/CA will then file your FSSAI License application and required details to the local FBO. There will be regular follow-ups with the Food Department at this stage.
Procurement of License
Once your license is ready we will mail it to you.

Registration Process

Brief description of how to get your FSSAI registration online

1. Contact BIATConsultant

Contact the professionals in India - BIATConsultant for your registraiton of FSSAI in India . Leave the rest to us

2. Mail All Required Documents To Us

After getting connected with our sales manager over the mail , mail all your relevant documents to our sales in person manager , so that we can align all documents and submit the same to FSSAI

3.Get Acknowledgement and tracking details

Get acknowledgement of applicaiton submission to FSSAI , and get tracking details in your user dashboard in BIATConsultant

4.Wait for 7 days

It usually takes 7 days for submission of documents .However actualy time may vary depeding on the amount of applicaitions

5. Get Your FSSAI License

Yes , you will get the FSSAI license which will be valid for 1 years from the time of issue , after which you can renew.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Are Document Required For DOT OSP Registration In India?
A declaration form stating all details mentioned are true.
-An authority letter stating permission for us to apply for FASSAI central License on your behalf.
-If you own the food factory or premises, the property papers are needed.
-In case the premises is a rented property, copy of rent agreement is needed.
-The self declared copy of the food Safety management System Plan.
-A copy of the electricity or water bill of the business place.
-A copy of Aadhar Card of the proprietor or Director of the company.

Food Manufacturing units need to show these additional Documents:

-The blue print or layout of the food processing unit.
-List all the machinery unit employed.
-A list of the food product desired to be manufactured.
-Pesticide residue reports of water.
What Is Validity Of FSSAI License?
FSSAI license once issued will be valid for 1 year from date of issue , thereafter it can be renewed easily by contacting us again .
Guidelines for FSSAI License Number
Your 14 digit License Number has to have information about your registration details and should include the manufacturing state. You have to display the FASSAI logo and his license number on labels of all food packages.
In the case of imported food products, you have to show the FASSAI logo and 14 digit umber along with the name and address of the manufacturer. If you don’t have the details printed on food tags, customs will not clear the food products.
Renewing FASSAI Registration?
Renew your FASSAI License 30 days before your current License Expires. The renewal fee is same as you apply for the fresh or new license as per Government.
Do I need a FASSAI License for the import of foodstuff of sell in India?
Yes, you do. You need a central license registered in the address in import export Code.
Is it mandatory for 100% export units to get FASSAI Licensing?
Yes, whether it is import or export of food items, FASSAI License is necessary.
What is the requirement when there is more than one warehouse within the same locality but different entities?
Perhaps you have few separate warehouses within one city, then you will need separate licenses for each. If all your warehouses are confined to one campus, however, you cn apply for a single license citing the campus’s address.

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