Income Tax Return Filing

File your Income Tax Return(ITR) in easiest way in India

Income Tax Return Filing

The income tax return filing can be defined as a declaration of a taxpayer in the eyes of the income tax department about his income and expenditure in the financial year .The main aim of the declaration is to determine the tax liability of the taxpayer.
The tax liability is basically decided on the basis of current tax slab rate determined by the income tax department.In india the income tax return filing is mandatory for a person or individual whose total income is more than the prescribed limit as per specified slab rate. The declaration in the ITR contains all the details of the income earned during the financial year between 1st april to 31st march. The whole process is governed under the income tax act,1961.
The penalty is being charged on the non filing or late filing of income tax return which is maximum to Rs 10000.

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Who can file ITR in India ?
The following can file an income tax return being named below -

1] Sole proprietors
2] Companies
3] An individual [ NRI and Resident of India ]
4] LLP and Partnership firm

Note - The ITR filing for the partnership firm ,sole proprietorship firm , companies , firm ,LLP etc. is compulsory to be filled whatever may be the profit and losses ,income and turnover etc.
What is the benefits of filing ITR ?
There are various benefits of filing the income tax return .some of the advantages are provided below -

The proper financial documentation is being available as ITR is an important financial document being required whenever any one applies for loan or visa.

Whenever the income tax return filing is done timely and properly there is no issue of getting any notice from the department of income tax

The losses can be carried forward against house property and depreciation .

One can claim for the income tax refund at the time of filing of the ITR.

The embassies normally ask for income tax return for the last 03 years in order to have fast visa processing .

What is the due date of filing income tax return in India ?
The due date for an individual and for a corporate taxpayer is different from each other.
The due date for income tax return filing for an individual salaried person is 31st july.
The people who are earning their income through the business or self employed are needed to file their ITR before 31st march.
In case the companies or taxpayer has tax audit compulsory should file the ITR till 31st september .
What are the documents required to file ITR ?
The documentation required are guided below -

1] The basic documentation required are adhaar card number , pan card , address details of the individual or taxpayer.
2] The bank account details are also required which are being used in the financial year .
3] Other mandatory disclosure such as salary income , saving account details , fixed deposit details etc. to be provided.
4] Provide information regarding deduction claimed under section 80
5] Advance tax payment information to be provided.

Therefore one should have all documents being available before filing of income tax return and seek professional advice for filing the ITR.
How to file an income tax return online in India ?
The income tax return can be filed by a taxpayer online on the official website of the income tax department.One should take help of a professional to file an income tax return in order to avoid any error or mistake , get return and avoid penalties for late filing and get the right declaration of income.
After filing of income tax return a 15 digit acknowledgement number will be generated.The ITR can be filed using the net banking also.

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