Accounting & Book Keeping

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Accounting & Book Keeping

Accounting is the process of making and keeping the work of the Financial accounts of a company. Every company is bound to maintain their Books of accounts and to communicate their Books of Accounts or their Financial health to the interested parties. It is a way of assessing the cash flow, assets, liabilities, and the future of the entity for current and future investors. Accounting is the process of maintaining, storing, and recording financial transactions, it is mandatory for every company to maintain their books of Accounts to the Income Tax Department and to file their Income Tax Return with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Although maintaining the book in house accounts is tedious and quite expensive affair, but getting it done will reduce the pain in complying with the requirement of Income Tax Department. By doing all these things it increases the eligibility of the Company which helps them in taking loan later, as Keeping Books of accounts and filing regularly income tax with the Income Tax Department, it shows the efficiency of the company and they also satisfy their investors.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What is the procedure of maintaining Books of Accounts?
Firstly information is taken from the Company or from the Client and then according to that information, Books Of Accounts is maintained by us. And after keeping the books of accounts Income Tax can be paid easily through our Professionals.
What services do BIATConsultant provide??
Our core service portfolio comprises of accounting, book keeping,accounting system automation and integration, controller level services, CFO level services, and payroll. So whether you are willing to keep books of Accounts by our experts or looking for a customized accounting system, and want to help process payroll payment or require a part time CFO, we can help with all these services.

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