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What is a Pvt Ltd Company Registration In Pune ?

Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. Pune is considered as the largest knowledge capital and a fastest growing city, which offers enormous business opportunities and scale of enterprises. If you are looking to start a business in India, Pune is the place you should consider with utmost importance. Once you have come up with a business idea and decided to start a business you will need to follow some procedures to register a company in India.

Registration Process

Brief description of how to get your company registered in Pune

1. Contact BIATConsultant

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Choose the plan that best fits for you . Usually our prices are all transparent , but if you add on some requirment in existing packs , we would love to assist you for the same and customise our plans accordingly

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BIATConsultant will be mailing you all the list of documents and procedure to get your company registered without any hassle . As soon as we received the documents , we will get it attached by Chartered account and file the same in MCA21 portol

4. Complete Documentation And Payment Prococess

After completion of documentation , complete the other relevant process as required and lastly the fees for the same .We will submit your applicaiton right away after that.

5. Get Your Company Registered With BIATConsultant

Yes , you will get the company registered cetrificate(COI) and other relevant things on mail as well as in hard copy as soon as we get it . In meanwhile you can track the progress and talk with our expert online right from your dashboard


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Are Document Required For Company Registration In Pune ?
For All Companies/LLP

For Directors/Shareholders
Copy of PAN Card
Identity Proof (Voter Card, Passport, Driving Licence)
Address Proof (Bank Statement, Mobile bill, Telephone bill, Electricity Bill)
Passport Size Photo

For Registered Office
Ownership Proof (Electricity Bill, Gas bill, Electricity Bill, Mobile Bill)

For Partnership Registration

For Unregistered Partnership Firm
A Partnership deed is formed on a suitable non-judicial stamp paper duly signed by each member of the firm. The same is required to be notarized by the notary and from that date Partnership Firm deemed to be registered.

For Registered Partnership Firm
Application for Registration in the prescribed Form – I.
Duly filled Specimen of Affidavit.
Certified copy of the Partnership deed on appropriate non-judicial stamp paper. Proof of ownership of the place of business or the rental/lease agreement thereof.
Affix court fee stamp & payment of prescribed fee for registration by demand draft.

*Few Documents can vary when you are going to register as a company in India.
What is Digital Signature Certificate and why is it required for Company Incorporation?
DSC is digital signature used for filing e forms in Ministry of corporate affair portal , which is known to be substitute of physical signature.
Procedure for filing of Private Limited Company Registration In Pune ?
1. Acquire Digital Signature (DSC)- The private limited company formation is completely online and therefore Digital signature is required to incorporate a private limited company. T is mandatory for all Directors to have DSC (Class II or class III). you can obtain a DSC from us in just one day.

2.Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number)- ANy person who wants to become a Director in a company has to apply for a DIN number. One DIN can be used to become a Director in any number of companies. It can be applied either by filing of DIR-3 or filing directly through SPICe form at the time of incorporation.

3.Apply for Name approval- Names can be submitted through name approval form or together with SPICe INC-32 form at the time of incorporation. This process takes around 2-3 days . During this process DSC and DIN is not required only MCA portal login or account of a person applying for company registration is required.

4.Form SPICe INC-32- complete the application in INC-32 after getting it digitally arrested from a chartered accountant or a Company Secretary or an Advocate in Practice.

5.e-MOA (INC-33) and e-AOA (INC-34)- Before introduction of SICe form these applications were submitted physically, but now these are required to be filed online through MCA portal along with SPICe INC-32. These forms must be digitally signed by the subscribers to MOA and AOA. if all the details are duly filled and all the requisite documents are attached, the register will issue a certificate of incorporation and CIN (Corporate Identity Number) will be allotted to the company.

Who can become a Director of a company?
Any person who is of 18 years of age of more can become the director of the company . He may be residence of India or may be a NRI or foreigner . Indian law does not restricts anyone to not to become director of company
What is DIN (Director Identification Number) and why it is required?
One of the most important and unique number for the identification of the director , with lifetime validity .
Minimum Requirement for a Private Limited Company in Mumbai ?
1.Minimum 2 directors are required of maximum 15 directors and one should be resident of India. 2.Minimum 2 shareholders are required of maximum 200 shareholders. 3.Any amount of capital but government fees to be paid for minimum shares worth Rs. 1 lakh (Authorized Capital Fee) i.e. minimum share capital should be of Rs. 1 Lakh. 4.An Indian address is required for a registered office. 5.Companies cannot accept deposits from the public and also cannot issue shares in public. 6.Address and identity proof mandatory for Directors, PAN card is also mandatory for every Indian nationals.
How can we select a name of company under registration?
Right off the bat we simply need to locate an extraordinary name as prefix and promoters need to give name of the proposed organization alongside essentialness of word. Furthermore the name needs to incorporate a word about the organization business movement. At long last before choosing Names it will be fitting to mind Google, MCA Portal, MCA Guidelines and Trade Mark site the accessibility of Name.
What is Memorandum of Association & Article of Association?
MOA and AOA generally defines the functioning of the company with its rules and regulation . It also defines company objectives , goals , working capital pattern and more.
What are the responsibilities of a Director?
The director's are the person who are entrusted for responsibility of mamagement of all functioning of the company . The responsibility of director is defined by the type of directorship director holds. Also all the directors will be liable for any mishappening , fraud , or if found guilty for any thing , and will be liable to punished thereby .
Can a company owns property in its name?
Yes company can own the property by its own . It is know to be seperate identity by the Companies Act , 2013 .
Procedure for Private Limited company incorporation in Pune ?
Following are the procedure to register a company in Pune

1. Apply for Digital Signature Certificate of the Directors (DSC)
2. Then after application of DSC, one must apply for Director Identification Number
3. For approval of the name one must apply for name approval by filing of a Run form.
4. Then above all details have to be filled in a SPICe form.
5. Then MOA and AOA has to be drafted
6. Then stamp paper fees has to be paid to the Registrar of companies (ROC) Pune
7. Then the ROC will check for any discrepancy in the application form.
8. If error or discrepancy has been found by the ROC, then it will send the form for its resubmission.
9. If no error or discrepancy has been found by the ROC, then certificate of incorporation will be issued.

BIAT consultant is a one stop solution for all your company registration needs. Our team of experts try to fulfill all your needs and make sure by giving correct advice in registration or formation of a company.
Advantages of company registration in Pune ?
1.By registering a company, a company becomes a separate legal entity which means that a company can sue and it can be sued in its own name.
2.After the death of the Director or by resignation of the Director, the functions of the company remain unaffected.
3.Through filing of company registration, the director is having limited liability.
4.When a company gets registered, it can buy any property in its own name.
5.Transfer of business could be done. The person holding the share of the company is the real owner of the company.
6.Majority of large businesses that have criteria of supplier selection, incline towards a registered business entity that is an unregistered business entity for the purpose of doing business. Hence registering the business can make the business qualified to fulfill buyer criteria, and meet various requirements laid down by buyer and customer.

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