Accounts Payable Services

Our team is specialised in providing invoice processing , approval and resoultion management , vendor help desk , payment processing and various other accounts payable services to increase your working capital , cash savings and maintaining supplier relationship

What are Account payable outsourcing services?

Handling of accounts and bills has become a very hectic task for the account department nowadays. It consumes more time also. The accounts payable outsourcing service helps in streamline the multiple tasks, including scanning, matching, validation and approval. It also enables employees to focus or concentrate on the core business tasks, generating faster processing time and quick payments.

What We Provide

Why proper invoice indexing and pre-defined workflow required for accounts payables processing?
Digitizing your invoices and creating workflows can help the business to organize a flow of vendor invoices through various approvals and quality check processes very easily. It can also be one through suggesting some small changes in the existing system.
What do we do in invoice indexing?
We index your PO and non PO invoices/expenses to go through the required approval authority. The workflow allows us to achieve the complete MIS for visibility of invoice status in real time and also maintain all your geographies.
Why is proper invoice processing required?
Invoice processing is necessary as it provides hassle free clearance of payables and can take discounts on the early payables. So here suppliers play an important role in the growth of the organization by giving their payments on time which also helps in straightening of the relationship.
What do we do in invoice processing?
Our team of professionals have knowledge of accounts payable process and all kinds of invoices involving PO invoice, Non PO invoices, services or material invoice, work redr with high level of accuracy on applicable taxes, helping your business to update payable in a timely manner.
What is the importance of payment processing in accounts payable processing?
Credit period is an important aspect to manage by the organization as it directly affects the cash flow of the business. On one hand paying early gives you additional discounts thus saving money for the business, and on the other hand paying on the due dates allows the business to enjoy a complete credit period and maintain working capital that is available all time.
Why should we prefer for GRIR reconciliation before making payments to the vendors?
Every company takes time at the end of the year to correct the ledgers and suspense account. Therefore, your inventory and payables need to be reconciled regularly so that your books are up to date and show the true status of your ledgers.
What do we do in GRIR Reconciliation?
Our team of experts prepares and aging payables, highlights the critical invoices, enlists the top vendors, creates a payment proposal in the accounting ERP system and makes available for your approval and submitting payment files to the bank. We also prepare daily or weekly data for you to take decisions on your payables.
What is vendor statement reconciliation? Is it important for effective accounts payable processing?
We don’t let you struggle or create disputes on the basis of the non reconciliation of your statements on time and avoid any undue late fees. Now you can easily focus on issuing 1099 and meet deadlines of annual returns.
What is the importance of vendor data management? Why should this be outsourced?
In this the correctly updated and managed vendor databases help in managing the day to day transactions smoothly as well as ensure accuracy tax ability at the end of the year.
Why is a vendor help desk important for every business?
Some organizations are equally performing as you are and need their books reconciled timely. So here we set up a dedicated mailbox and desk number so that your vendors can reach you. We also share an analysis of queries and design a solution plan so that such queries can be minimized. We create such a team who makes a query resolution a pleasant experience for your vendors.

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