IPO Support Services

We are specialised in IPO support services . We provide assistance in fund raising as well as opportunity to take your business to next level .

What is IPO Support?

In order to grow your business every business wants to get their company listed and wants to become a public company. Getting listed helps in assessing capital markets and for procuring funds directly. This thereby enables the company to enhance its financial position as well as its visibility and credibility, also improving its ability to recruit talented human resources.
We at BIAT consultant provide CFO related services to the management or to the individuals functioning as independent financial officers thereby providing assistance relating to complete IPO process. We also provide services like undertaking public company compliances. In the process of Pre and post IPO, BAIT consultant provides an efficient team of experienced advisors for appropriate steps required in IPO support, to meet diverse needs of the client's range.

What We Provide

Complete Assessment and Identification of Advisors
Upon commencement of IPO preparations, complete analysis of company’s business, financial position, management framework is done. Upon commencement of the services better there shall be proper identification and selection of legal advisors, investment bankers, lawyers, tax auditors, registrars, accountants etc. therefore a proper assessment and selection of team is necessary for a company to achieve a successful IPO.
Due Diligence
Due diligence in the IPO process is a detailed process and the most significant one, which requires time consuming aspects, including the legal, business, financial, and accounting due diligence. Thus, it requires gathering and verifying all the material information required for IPO process to be executed.
Financial forecast
Stream ling of the functions is done for the process of financial forecasting. And the process of sensitivity analysis is done to get a detailed financial forecast model for investors, bankers and financial advisors.
Assistance in Documentation
From the perspective of management, the documentation is prepared as companies should have a strong base in application of IPO.
Investor presentations
We provide complete assistance that is provided as investors as they play the most eminent part in the IPO process. Therefore, the impact on them should be positive and convincing.
Investors Road show
Investors road show are a mode of presentation by the issuer of securities to the potential buyers, thus assistance relating to issuing securities by way of presentations, etiquettes, suggested actions etc are provided for a successful roadshow.
Reporting and Compliances
Investors road shows are modes of presentations by the issuer of the securities to the potential buyers, thus assistance relating to issuing securities by way of presentations, etiquettes, suggested actions etc. are provided for a successful road show.

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