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The CE stands for European Conformity and it can be defined as a mark of certification being made on the product which is being sold within the european economic area.The most important thing is that the marks made on the various products indicate the health , safety , eco friendly nature of the product.
The marks set up the standard of the product being sold in the european economic area and it must be noted that these products are sold outside the EEA also have the same mark.
The CE marking is done to provide declaration from the manufacturers end which shows that it has fulfilled the requirement of EC directives and members as defined from their end.
It should be kept in mind that after receiving the CE marking , the applicant has to provide all the documents of CE marking to the importers or the distributors respectively.In case of certain products being located in the european economic area , the CE marking is compulsory to be done.
It is the duty and work of the manufacturer and the importers of the product to make sure that the products or goods that have been marked with [european conformity [EC] should be as per the set standards and not below the specified standards that have been set up.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What are the process of obtaining CE marking ?
The process to obtain the CE marking is highlighted below -

A] The first thing is that one should know the European conformity requirement for the good and product.
B] The next step involves having a check on the specific requirement of the product
C] The next step involves a check on the product whether it needs any form of testing from the nation body.
D] The testing of the product is to be done from your end.
E] One should always keep in mind to comply with the technical phase of requirement.
F] The last and major step involves affix the CE marking and make sure to draft a declaration of conformity
What are various types of CE marking ?
The CE marking is fixed to a product according the risk level of the product by the manufacturer or representative.The types are being provided below-

In case the product built by the manufacturer has a minimal risk involved ,under such cases a self declaration together with the declaration of conformity is provided from manufacturer to affix the CE marking to their product or goods.

According to the EU directives it is specified that the product which has the greater risk involved should get the products certified independently through the notified body.

The body is being notified by the European commission and it serves as an independent test lab.Therefore performs the various activities as per the guidance.
All the functions being directed by the EU directives are performed by it with ease.The body doing the functionality can either be a government body or a private organization.
What is the process to affix CE marking on product ?
The whole work and the responsibility to affix the CE marking lies with the EU manufacturer ,importer ,distributor of the product that are made outside the EU who want to sell the product in the EU market.

It is the manufacturer who affixes the CE marking to the product and carries the assessment and shall prepare a technical file.He shall sign the declaration as per the prescribed law.

There are certain points needed to be kept in the mind before affixing the marking -

1] The manufacturer has the prime responsibility to verify which EU directives will be applied to their products.
2] Before submission of the product in the market ,CE marking and EU directives must be followed.
3] After complying with the provisions of all the directives and rules ,the product shall be placed in the market.
4] The CE marking of the product is affixed by the manufacturer after signing the EU declaration of conformity with EU standards.
5] It must be noted that the CE marking affixed on the product should be clearly visible and must be easy for the identification purpose.

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