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What is Central KYC Registry?

Central KYC Registry is a centralised repository of KYC records of customers in the financial sector with uniform KYC norms and inter-usably of the KYC records across the sector with an objective to reduce the burden of producing KYC documents and getting those verified every time when the customer creates a new relationship with the financial entity.

What is the objective of Small Finance Banks?

Its primary purpose is to provide institutional mechanism for promoting rural and semi urban savings to the people of rural areas. Supply of credits to small business units, small and marginal farmers, micro and small industries, and other unorganized sector entity, through high technology- low cost operations.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
Does it require to take Central KYC Registry ?
Yes, all type of entity which are governed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is required to take registration of Central KYC.
What is the Process of Registration ?
1.Firstly, Financial Institution has to register themselves https://www.ckycindia.in/ . on the first instance Financial institution details has to be filled up along with the documents including PAN/Copy of CIN/ copy of Cor. Head of institution & Nodal officer details like Name/ Designation/ Email id/ Telephone Number.

2.Secondly, it is required to provide Admin User ( At Least 2 user are required) and accordingly documents and details are required to be given: Copy of PAN card/ Passport/ Voter Id/ Driving License/ Aadhar (name needs to be match with DSC), and Employee code/ Department/ Designation/ Mobile Number along with Telephone Number and E-mail id.

3.Thirdly, Documents checklist is there and they are as follows- Duly signed institution Registration Form, Regular License/ Certificate/ Notification, PAN card of the Entity, Corporate Identification Number (In case regulator issues multiple licenses to an entity), Registration Certificate (in case of Co-operative Banks/Societies, Authorization Letter by Competent Authorities for Admin Users ( Should be signed by the Authorized Signatory/ Director etc.), a Certified copy of the proof of the identity of the Admin users, Certified copy of Photo identity card of Admin users issued by the institution ( in case Photo ids are not issued by the institution to employees, a letter duly signed by the Authorized signatory mentioning the same would be required along with the photographs of the admin users.

4.Then after submission of the details online, the system will generate reference number and the sam will be communicated to the nodal officer via email along with the test environment registration link. This communication has to be quoted on all communication henceforth.

5.Financial institution will then send duly signed pre-filled Financial Institution Registration form along with the supporting documents to CERSAI at 2nd Floor, Rear Block, Jeevan Vihar Building, 3, Parliament Street, New Delhi- 110001.

6.Financial institution have to register them in the test environment and test application. Financial institutions have to test all the functionalities as per the checklist provided at the sights. On completion of the testing, it is required to email the duly signed checklist at helpdesk@ckycindia.in.

7.It is to be noted here that the live environment and test environment are independent of each other and also requires separate registration for both. The registration code generated in the test environment while registering on the live environment has to be sent to CERSAI along with other supporting documents.

8.After completion of the testing and verification of the documents by CERSAI, the Admins and Co-Admins login credentials will be shared with their registered email ids. The Financial institution code also will be assigned once registration is completed.

Requirement For Documents?
The specification for scanning the supporting documents and photograph are stated below-
1.Documents should be scanned in grey-scale with a scanning resolution of 150-200 DPI.
2.Recent Passport style current photograph. ( Dimension 200*230 Pixels and size of it should be less than 50 kb on pdf/jpeg/jpg file format)
3.File size maximum limit 350 kb for individual KYC record.
Please ensure that the data is legible and photograph should be reasonable clarity.

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