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How To Register Company In China From India?

Before deciding to register your company in China, by going through the process you will realize that it is not at all simple to register your company in China. So you have to consider options , whether it is absolutely necessary to incorporate a company, or your project can be completed via an umbrella company.
An Umbrella company in China is a company which works for on behalf of any foreign entity or for individuals who want to do business in China. Usually it takes care of marketing, sales, import/export or for all your business needs.

Registration Process

Brief description of how to get your company registered in China from India with BIATConsultant

1. Contact BIATConsultant

Contact the #1 buisiness professionals in India - BIATConsultant for your registraiton of Company In China From India .

2. Choose A Plan

Choose the plan that best fits for you . Usually our prices are all transparent , but if you add on some requirment in existing packs , we would love to assist you for the same and customise our plans accordingly. We do also offer special price for big enteprises who have regular and large scale of requeirement .

3. Get List Of Document Required

BIATConsultant will be mailing you all the list of documents and procedure to get your company registered without any hassle . As soon as we received the documents for China Company Registration , we will subit the same to china registar for approval of name and other things

4. Complete Documentation And Payment Prococess

After completion of documentation , complete the other relevant process as required and lastly the fees for the same .We will submit your applicaiton right away after that.

5. Get Your Company Registered With BIATConsultant

Yes , you will get the company registration certification and other relevant things on mail as well as in hard copy as soon as we get it . In meanwhile you can track the progress and talk with our expert online right from your dashboard


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What are four major forms of business entity to register a business in China?
1. Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises

In this kind of enterprise complete shareholding is of foreign individuals or entities. We can say that it is a kind of Limited Liability Company. It is also to be noted that only foreign individuals or international business enterprises can become shareholders of this kind of organization. Liability is included on the individuals only to the amount of Capital injected into the business. There is no paid capital involved in this kind of organization to establish consulting, trading, or information technology business etc.
Minimum Registered Capital requirement

-For consulting RMB1,00,000/-
-For trading RMB 5,00,000/-
-For Manufacturer RMB 5,00,000/-

Registered capital is the amount that is required by a company through investors to run their business until they can run their business from its own cash flow.

2.Foreign invested Commercial Enterprise

These enterprises are established for the purpose of retailing, wholesaling, franchising or trading businesses in China. The registration of Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise is quicker.

Minimum Registered Capital required
-Wholesale FICE RMB 5,00,000/-
-Retail FICE RMB 300,000

3.Representative Offices in China

There is no minimum capital requirement for Representative Offices in China. These offices generally represents parent companies in China and used for market research activity in China to access the scope and depth of Chinese market to consider the future investment scope. These offices are not allowed to be involved in any kind of business for profit, sign contracts on behalf of the parent enterprise, receive revenue in china, issue official t6ax invoices, buy property or import production equipment. In tis Tax rate is approximately 10% of the total amount.

4.Joint Venture Company registration In China

There are two types of joint Ventures Companies in China i.e. Equity Joint Ventures and Cooperative Joint Ventures. It is a kind of company registration where domestic and foreign entities work together.

Process of company registration In China?
For registration of their company in China one needs to give an Application to the relevant company registration authority in accordance with the Chinese company law. And after submission of the application if authority is satisfied then it will register the proposed entity as either a limited liability company, or a company limited by shares, whereas if the authority is not satisfied with the application applied then it may raise objection or may reject the application.
People can also apply for the application for company registration in China and it is considered to be valid subject to the terms and conditions of the laws of China.
Then company registration authorities shall issue a business licenses of companies to the companies established under the law. The date of issuance of the business license for a company shall be the date of establishment of a company.
The business license of a company shall state therein that such matters are domicile, registered capital, business scope, and the name of the legal representative of the company etc.
If any of the matter stated in the business licence is changed then it has to apply for a change of registration in accordance with the law and the relevant company registration authority will issue a jnew business license to replace the old one.
Is its necessary to be a citizen of China to apply for a Company Registration?
No, it is not necessary to be a citizen of China for applying for Company registration

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