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How to start a business in USA
as a foreigner ?

Registering your business in the USA as a foreigner is quite a difficult thing, but nowadays countries
make it easy to register your company and open your business.


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How To Start Company In USA ?
Choose your company structure
Firstly you need to choose the structure of the company in which you want to register it.

Choose the State in which you want to register your company
The company’s business should determine its location. If one state dominates its market then it is beneficial to set up your business in that state. For eg. Claifornia is having famously high cost jurisdiction, by registering in Nevada or Delaware two famously low burden states. On the other hand if business will not be concentrated in any particular state then most advisors will mostly recommend Delaware incorporation followed by Nevada.

Registration process
The forms and other requirements for forming a business entity vary by state to state. Here how incorporation works in Delaware, which serves as a simplified model for many states.
1. It is important while choosing a company name that it should be unique.
2. Then select a registered agent that is able to receive legal documents for the company.
3.Then lastly the company fills out the one page certificate of incorporation that identifies the corporate name, the name and address of its registered agents, the total amount and par value of the shares the corporation is authorized to issue and the name and mailing address of the incorporator.

Once the business/ company is incorporated then he must file a report and pay franchise tax annually.
Obtain an Employer Identification Number
An Employer Identification Number is necessary not just to hire workers, but also to open Bank account, pay taxes or often to get a business license. The Bottom line
In most cases, foreigners with businesses or investment in the United States sould set up a domestic corporation. You can consult with tax experts before taking a plunge.

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