Corporate Tax Advisory Services

We provide Corporate Tax Advisory related to tax compliance services related to Direct and Indirect taxes , General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR) as well as advise on Repatriation strategies .

What is Corporate Tax Advisory Services?

Tax always comes into picture in almost every stage of business. Ao before conducting a business transaction it is important to understand tax or to take advice on that transaction related to tax. Hence, it is better to do tax planning in advance to mitigate the risk.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What BIATConsultant provides in tax compliance and Tax advisory services ?
Tax Compliance services-
Our tax compliance provides different ways to handle tax compliance workload and also meeting the deadlines.

Direct Tax
1. Corporate Income Tax
2. Regional, Local or Municipal Tax
3. Other reports on tax jurisdictionally

Indirect Taxes
1.Goods and Services Tax (GST)
2.Withholding of taxes
3.Tax filing, reporting and planning.
What Tax Advisory services includes ?
Support to the start-up
It provides assistance to the strat-up and new formed businesses with regard to advice on evaluating the growth plans, facilitating regulatory compliances, creating and developing internal policies and systems.

Tax data integration
Assist the Organization in mapping policies and standards, design solutions and data model workflow on finance, accounting, taxation management tools including SAP, Oracle.

Implication of Tax on change in business strategy
Assist the business to stay updated with the continuously changing tax regulations, incentives and methodologies for direct and indirect taxes. Also provide support in large scale transformation projects including , mergers and acquisitions, globalised diversification plan, operational changes and special transactions.

What are the potential issues ?
1. The impact of channel island tax tax reform on your business.
2. My businesses face difficulty as they do not have in house expertise to tackle the situation.
3. They are complex multi- jurisdictional requirements.
4. Managing all global tax compliance issues.
5. Establishing a tax beneficial model to comply with a growing, more visible tax regulatory burden.
What are the key services provided by BIATConsultant ?
1. Advise on various domestic as well as international taxation matters including cross border transactions.
2. Advice on tax perspective in respect of agreements between various parties.
3. Advice on withholding of taxes in relation to payments to residents and nonresidents.
4. Permanent establishment exposure and its impact.
5. Analyze the impact of general anti avoidance rule (GAAR) with respect to cross border transactions.
6. Review the operations of business and guide on the impact of the base erosion profit shifting measures.
7. Advise on repatriation strategies.
8. Advice on availment of tax credits by foreign nationals in india.
9. Set up of LLPs and conversion strategies.
10. Advice on recent developments related to black money, money laundering.

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