Fraud and Misconduct Investigation | Forensic Consulting

We have a speclaised team who can define a road map for identification of fraud in company which is even can't be identified in general audit process.

What is Fraud , Forensic and misconduct Investigation consulting?

When we talk about fraud and misconduct it is a sensitive issue especially when we relate to insider threats and employees. The significant risk of bribery, corruption, and even embezzlement of funds are normally done through accounting entries which are entered on holidays. This is the most common type of fraud committed in most of the Organization


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What We are specialized in investigating in different areas ?
1. Fraud , misconduct, Forensic and non-compliance cases ranging from finding simple frauds to complex, multi-layered, multi-location frauds causing important monetary, functioning and reputational losses to the organizations.
2. We can extract the importance of fraud, the parties involved in the execution of the fraud as well as the modus operandi.
3. Our advanced forensic technology lab helps us to gather this information effectively and efficiently, facilitating analysis to indicate red flags and presenting it in a legally approved format. Wherever relevant our investigations are aided by covert field operations.
What Are Our Key Strengths ?
1. Exposure to the global fraud scenario.
2. Best practices in forensic investigation and qualified professionals with multi domain experience to conclude successful engagement.

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