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BIATConsultant aids business designing of budgetary control system , integration of tax systems and tax management . Our consultant provides strategy as per specific requeirement of MNE .

Value Chain Management

Value Chain management is the management which mainly depends on the economic principles of management.
It enables companies to serve better in the field of operative sector in which they can have relative productive advantage as compared to the competitors.
The company should identify each of its production processes in order to start the production chain analysis and it also helps in analysing the improvement in the said process. This will result in cost saving, improved productivity, and also improves the company’s bottom line in the long run.
This entails the companies to integrate tax planning, maximize growth opportunities, minimize expenses and risk, enhance return on investment, and increase efficiency across operation.


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What Are Benefits of Value Chain management?
1. Design budgetary control systems.
2.It helps the companies to integrate tax considerations in the business process to improve the operational efficiency.
3.Facilitate effective tax management.
4.Helps the MNEs to rearrange various functions, assets and risk with such change in the supply chain which helps to reduce the effective tax rate.
5.This strategy is customized as per the specific requirement of MNEs which allow the MNEs to flexibly carry on the business for a particular time period.
Specialization of value chain management will enable following things-
1. This will help us to understand how to apply a financial pers[ective of cost of accounting, understand financial and non financial accounting information, facilitate strategic performance management, integrate the information technology t5o improve the strategy.
2. To understand the management process, improvement of processes, synthesize information to make decisions for organizational initiatives, apply analytical techniques for tactical operations and process improvement decisions.
3. To understand the market and various marketing elements to create value for customers and maximize the wealth and value of the organization.
What Are Key Services Provided by Us ?
1. Drawing upon our Global tax knowledge, industry and experience.
2. Cross functional activities includes transfer pricing issues that might affect the MNEs to help to shape the supply chain to achieve overall business objectives.
3. We have a team of industry specialists who are specialized in providing innovative and well defined strategies for each section of the supply chain.

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