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The UL stands for ‘’Underwriters Laboratories’’ and it can be defined as a company that provides safety consulting and certification at world level.In other words , one can say that the company is working at a worldwide level.
The companies have various national recognized testing laboratories in the world.It makes use of these laboratories to do the testing of products and has been certified for it.Therefore The UL verifies ,certifies ,tests the products for the safety of the customers.
It must be noted that it helps the customers , the purchasers as well as the policy makers to properly navigate the correct market risk and the complexity.It also does the auditing of the product to ensure the safety of customers.
The underwriters laboratories refers to an organization that does the activities of product testing from certified laboratories who are being certified to do such testing of the products.Therefore it defines a complete process for the product to qualify itself for the UL certification.


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What are various types of UL certificaiton in India ?
The Underwriter Laboratories is a leader in product testing , auditing , certification etc. and therefore there are various types of UL marking available such as -

1] UL certified mark
2] UL listed Mark
3] UL functional safety list mark
4] UL recognized component mark
5] UL performance verified mark
6] UL promotional badge
Who can apply for underwriter laboratories ?
The various applicants who can apply for the UL certification of their respective product in India are namely the manufacturers , authorized agents , any licensees , representatives and products developers etc.
The applicant needs to specify the company name under which product will appear in online UL certification directories.The name selected will appear on the respective product and will also have an UL mark on it.
What is process of obtaining UL certification in India ?
The process of Underwriter Laboratories certification is being highlighted below -

1] The first step is the submission of the application form for the UL certification at the specific time when the product is at the development stage.
2] The second step is the preliminary evaluation being done by the UL officers in order to identify areas that will meet the UL requirements.
3] It should be noted that the preliminary inspection is being done at the applicant manufacturing unit in a very careful and systematic manner.
4] After the inspection , the applicant will send a quotation to the UL authority.for approval purpose.
5] After receiving the quotation by the UL authority , the UL engineers will start the investigation as well as the testing of the product in an effective manner.
6] After the completion of the testing of the product , the UL engineer shall inform the applicant whether the product meets the UL requirements or not.
7] It must be noted that once the product meets the UL requirements ,a report will be formed according to the test results and the UL mark will be allotted on the product.

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