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The CBSE stands for ‘’central board of secondary education’’ and it is the education board in India which empowers the highest reputation and trust of people around the state.The CBSE provides three types of affiliation namely provisional ,temporary , permanent .
The board is undertaken by the government of India and its primary objective is to provide quality education to the students all over the country.It generates a feeling of trust and faith among the people of the country.
The process of getting a CBSE affiliation is a very rigid and complex process and involves various guidelines to be fulfilled in order to obtain the cbse affiliation by the applicant. Therefore it involves a proper process to be followed ,with complete documentation,other conditions laid down by the government etc


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What are different categories of schools in India ?
The various categories of school that can be provided cbse affiliation whether in india and outside the country are as follows -

1] The schools which are aided by government of India
2] The schools that are run directly by government departments like defence ,railways etc.
3] The government schools are run by the department of education of various states.
4] The schools run by organizations like navodaya vidyalaya samiti ,sainik schools etc.
5] The private schools being established by companies registered under section 8 of the companies act ,2013 , registered trusts ,under societies registration act ,1860 and under educational ,charitable organisations .
What are the mandatory conditions for schools to get CBSE affiliation ?
There are certain conditions which are important for the schools to fulfill in order to get the cbse affiliation or registered as per the norms -

According to the condition , The school must be established by one of the following entities like government ministry ,statutory body ,registered society ,psu , trust ,society , companies registered under section 8 ,other government bodies etc.

The CBSE registration should be done as per the norms and laws with proper documentation.

There should always be a management committee of the school so that it keeps an eye on the schemes that the schools are carrying on is according to law and under the RTE act ,2009 and it should make sure that the schools follow all the laws and RTE policies and guidelines.

The schools need to provide the formal recognition certificate from the educational department of the state government in order to obtain the affiliation certificate of CBSE.

The school needs to submit the no objection certificate that clears that the state government has no issue for the respective school to get the cbse affiliation.

The school needs to develop a website and do proper maintenance of it .It should provide all necessary information of the school on the website so that everyone can see it.

The requirement of land to be fulfilled according to laws and terms and conditions provided below -
A] The concerned school needs to be established on a single plot.
B] The plot includes an appropriate size of playground and there will be no construction on it.
C] The facilities should be provided from time to time as prescribed by the law and board.
D] The complete plot should be covered with pucca boundaries and it should be of good height.
E] The minimum size of the plot should be 8000 sq.meter to get the affiliation.

The school is required to fulfil complete infrastructure requirements which includes minimum classroom size of 500 sq.feet. A science laboratory of 600 sq.feet. The library should be of 14m by 8m minimum size and a computer lab. And a good water drinking facility ,clean toilets for girls and boys etc.

There is certain important documentation to be submitted from school on the online portal where CBSE affiliation application needs to be submitted.

The documentation details are being provided below -
1] There are two mandatory documents required to be submitted namely district education administration and self affidavit .
2] A letter of intent is provided to the school applied for affiliation in case all conditions are fulfilled after the inspection is done.
3] Submission of other necessary documents to be submitted that may be required for the affiliation of school.
4] In order to proceed the affiliation process , a no objection certificate from the state government is needed to be submitted.
5] A letter of Recognition is also required to be submitted from the district education officer
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The CBSE affiliation is complex process to be done as it involves numerous task and work to be done in order to get the affiliation.Therefore an expert guidance and supervision is very important otherwise a small mistake or error from the applicant side may lead to no result i.e school will not get the CBSE registration or affiliation.
The BIAT CONSULTANT have a team of experts who have years of experience to provide CBSE affiliation to the clients and carry on the all process and formalities being required to obtain the affiliation.
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