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The Drug License can be defined as a process of providing permission to an applicant or firm to carry on the business of pharmacy or pharmaceutical activity in a particular area or region.
It includes business activities such as drugs ,medications , cosmetic products being sold as a retailer or manufacturer.
It must be noted that any person can do any pharmacy business without the license ,otherwise it will be considered as an offence and strict action will be taken against the person involved. One should always obtain a drug license to do the pharmacy business.
The pharmacy business is governed under the drug and cosmetics act 1940.It includes ayurvedic , allopathic , homeopathic drugs and the person doing the business should be very much concerned as any medicine that may cause harm to the consumer may be held responsible and will be charged against the offence.
The drug license can be obtained through proper process and will take approx.45 to 60 days to get the drug license from the concerned department of state.In case the business is been runned in more than one state then separate license is needed to be obtained from the drug license department of the concerned state.
The drug license in India are classified into three types namely -
1] The manufacturing license
2] The Sales license
3] The Loan license
It must be noted that the sales license is further divided into different categories namely -
1] The Wholesale license
2] The Retail license
3] The license which is restricted to only general store business activity.


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What documents needed for drug license in India ?
The documentation required to obtain the drug license for the pharmaceutical company in India is being highlighted below :

1] The companies or firm constitution i.e Article of association and memorandum of association
2] The documents and the papers of the owned property where the business activity will be carried on.
3] The ID proof of the partners ,directors or individual owner of the business
4] In case of rented property , the rent agreement is needed to be provided.
5] The major plans and the site of the premises or place of business
6] The details of the refrigerator in business use along with the invoice of it
7] The documentation of the registered pharmacist
8] All essential degrees and certificates and marksheets will be required along with the registration certificate to the Pharmacy council of the concerned state.
9] A letter of appointment along with the bio data of the applicant
10] One can also provide any type of experience certificate also
What are conditions which needs to be fulfilled to obtain drug license in India ?
The applicant needs to follow certain laid down conditions in order to get the drug license certificate in India.

The applicant should have a independent shop with required area to get the permission to open retail or a wholesale pharmacy business or get the license and details are highlighted below -
1] According to rules , there should be an area not less than 10 sq. meters to get the permission for drug license under form 20 or form 21 in India.
2] According to rules , there should be premises of area not less than 10 sq. meters to get the permission for drug license under form 20B or form 21 B in India.
3] The premises height where sales will be done should be as per national building code of India.
4] In case the premises is placed on a DDA allotted area , no drug license will be provided but if it meets the requirements of MPD-2021 , then it will be provided.
What is process to obtain drug license in India ?
The steps involved in getting a drug license in India is provided below -

1] The 1st step is that the applicant should obtain the user identity and the password through the person in charge providing him the firms or entity details .
2] The required documents should be scanned in size of 100ppi in black and white and later on uploaded with the help of the identity and password being received in the first step and received by the government officials.
3] The third step involves follow up from the government department regarding the update on your submitted application.
4] It must be noted that in case of any error , the application is rejected and the paid fees shall be fortified by the government to the applicant.
5] A total of 45 to 60 days shall be taken by the department of drug license to review the application and issue the license to the applicant .

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