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The custom clearance can be defined as a process under which goods and commodities are being granted legal permissions for entry in the country or exit of commodities from the country after making the due payments of the customs duty.
There are various compliances involved in the business of exporting and importing goods within or outside the country.It also involves multiple procedures , various documentation and paperwork etc. while doing the exporting and importing work.
The custom department or custom authorities are assigned to look after the policies related to import and export of goods and services ,custom duties collection ,proper movement of goods,cargo and people in and out of the country.
It should be noted that the department of customs is located at all the seaports ,airports , border gateways etc.Therefore they keep an eye on the every movement of goods and commodities ,people etc that take place in and out of the country.
The custom authorities have huge responsibility and therefore they are provided with powers as well so that they can work and take hard steps such as arrest of wrong people and illegal entry and exit of goods and products from the country.
Every year the government of all countries release foreign trade policies and provide all rules and regulations as well as conditions they would follow for export and import of goods and services and the provisions are made on the basis of conditions being set up.
It is mandatory that all the goods entering in and going from the country should be cleared from the custom departments.The custom duty levied on the goods should always be paid prior to the entry of them in the country and only then the custom authorities will release the goods.


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What are various types of custom clearance services in India?
There are 03 types of custom clearance services available in India and are highlighted below -

The international custom clearance can be defined as a process of clearance of goods in countries other than India.It should be noted that shipment from all the countries is included under international custom clearance.

The custom clearance service provided under the International custom clearance are -
A] Provide custom facilities or services in other countries except India.
B] Clearance of the shipments with all formalities
C] Doing the processing of temporary imports and cargo , bonded shipments.

The import custom clearance refers to the process of importing goods in India with proper documentation in order to get clearance from the custom authorities.
The major steps of import custom clearance are as follows -
The first step is the calling of the vessel as when it reaches the indian territory ,its vessel carrier duty to ensure that vessel calling is done at the customs port.The pilot does the job when goods come by means of aircraft.

The person in charge of the vehicle will fill the IGM electronically and it shall include details of the goods that are being imported in the vessel.

The goods shall be kept under the custody of the custodian till the time the customs process is being cleared through the custom clearance departments.

The bill of entry is to be filed by the importer in order to get the clearance of the goods by electronic mode on the arrival of shipment of goods or prior to it.After it , the importer will pay the custom duty and GST .

The custom clearance will see the documentation of clearance and allow goods delivery of the importer within the country.

The export custom clearance can be defined as a clearance service that includes all processes and the formalities to be used in order to export any goods and products from one country to another.
It must be noted that the exporters after getting the export license are in constant pressure to complete the production in time and do the delivery of goods.

The major steps of export custom clearance are as follows -
1] It does the packaging of goods to make it ready for export purpose .
2] The booking of the containers for the shipments of goods.
3] The transportation of the container through the domestic carriage to factory and it will be loaded from there.
4] According to specified laws of the exporting country , the important documents are being prepared.
5] The inspection of goods to be done which are being exported by custom authorities.
6] The departure of goods takes place
7] The closure of the export custom declaration.
What are services provided by BIATConsultant ?
The process of importing and exporting goods and products is a very complex process and involves various documentation and the process to be carried on to do the task.
All the process of licensing shall be carried on under the supervision of a professional and therefore you can contact BIAT CONSULTANT for the ame who can take care of your needs from the scratch level and guide you the complete procedure and process.
The custom clearance is in fact the most difficult part of the whole logistic process.We will provide you the team of experts who could take care of custom clearance and provide you the best services at every stage.

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