ECO Mark Scheme In India

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The ECO mark can be defined as a certification mark being provided to the products in India which damage or cause a very less negative impact on the environment.The certification mark is being issued by the Bureau of Indian standard.
The certification mark is provided according to the standards that have been set up and therefore the eco mark is being issued on to those products which meet the standards that leads to less impact on the nature and environment.
It should be noted that the major focus of this scheme is to provide or create awareness among the customers of products to protect the environment at a large scale.All the eco mark products are environment friendly in nature.
One should understand that mostly the household goods and the consumer goods are being covered under the scheme.The Eco Mark scheme in India is provided the certification through the bureau of Indian standards.


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What are the need and purpose of ECO mark scheme in India ?
The purpose of Eco Mark scheme is being provided below -

1] The major purpose of the eco mark scheme in india is to provide encouragement among the customers to buy eco friendly products and use them on a regular basis.
2] To make better utilization of available resources in India and improve the quality of the environment
3]The manufacturers should be motivated through incentives as they focus on reducing the negative impact of their products on the environment.
4] The companies who are producing eco friendly products should be rewarded with the incentives.
What are different types of prpduct in ECO scheme in India ?
The various types of products under the eco mark scheme in india which are named and highlighted below -

1] Textiles
2] Cosmetics
3] Papers
4] Detergent
5] Paint
6] Plastics
7] Batteries
8] Food items
9] Electronic goods
10] Packaging materials
11] pesticides
12] Food preservatives
13] Drugs
14] Leather
15] Lubricants 16] Electrical goods and products 17] Edible oils , tea and coffee 18] Textiles 19] Leathers
What are criteria for ECO Mark certification ?
The criteria for the eco mark are as follow -

The Eco mark scheme is present all over India in terms of its operation and therefore focus on providing the certification to the various consumer products and household products which follow the environmental requirements under the prescribed standards that have been set up.

The Bureau of the Indian Standard[BIS} in order to implement the Eco mark scheme in India follows a procedure being highlighted below -

1] The first step is the evaluation of the product of which ECO MARK is being provided
2] The products which are being eligible for the ECO MARK should be ISI certified products
3] The next step involves the inspection as well as testing of the product as per the specified standards in order to provide accurate ECO MARK certification.
4] The Last step is the assessment of the products complete process of production and it involves numerous things such as what is the impact on the environment due to the source of raw materials , recycling process is also assessed, waste disposal and its utilization in a proper manner ,effect on environment due to outcome of waste etc.
What Is Product To Product Manufacturing Or Third Party Manufacturing License ?
Under this type of license , the applicant neither has a license nor has a manufacturing unit available with him.He is involved only in the marketing part of the product and nothing else.
The license used for the work is of the manufacturer and it is a manufacturer job to get the product approval from the concerned authorities.
One can assist the manufacturer by providing the raw material and packaging material otherwise the manufacturer would arrange all by himself.

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