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The cosmetic industry has started at small speed but today is growing at a high speed and in today's scenario the cosmetic market in India has expanded its arm to everywhere whether it is an urban location or a rural location.
The market will never have any recession as it is being used at every household by both the male and female section of the society.Therefore , the market has expanded and both varieties of cosmetic products are being made keeping in mind the needs of both the sections of society.
The cosmetic registration in India is governed by the drugs and cosmetics act ,1940 and it defines cosmetics in the government books as an item or product that is being sprayed,poured , Rubbed and applied on the human body or any part of it with the purpose of beautification , cleansing ,making the human body part look attractive and nice.
The registration period for the license or validity of the license is for a period of 03 years and thereafter it is to be renewed within the provided time period.


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What Are various types of cosmetic license registration in India ?
There are two types of cosmetic license being provided by the department of drugs and cosmetics act ,1940 in india and are highlighted below -

The License is being provided to the applicant who is having the intention of manufacturing the product within the country and sale in the market thereof after the production of the product according to law.
Therefore they need permission in the form of a license to manufacture cosmetic products according to their needs and sell it in the market to earn profits.

The importer license is being provided to the applicant who does not carry on the manufacturing of cosmetic products but instead does the import of product and thereafter resale it in the indian market.
The main objective is to only import cosmetic products according to needs and sell them in the India market and therefore they need only an importer license so that they can import any required cosmetic products in india without any issue.

What are rules and guidelines set up for manufacturer and importers of cosmetic license in India ?
There are certain rules and guidelines being set up by the government of India and the people who possess the manufacturer and importer license need to follow them on a regular basis and keep an eye that no guidelines to be broken otherwise consequences will be worse .

The rules and guidelines are being highlighted below -

The cosmetic products that are being manufactured or imported from other countries should never be tested on the animals.

The importer can easily import a bulk amount of cosmetic products in India and get the custom clearance with ease after doing the cosmetic business license testing.

A letter of authorization is needed or power of attorney is needed to be done in case the brand owner of the cosmetic products is outside the country and therefore in such cases the manufacturer or importer of the product in the country will be fully authorized in place of the brand owner who is outside the country.

What are different types of cosmetic products in India ?
According to the drugs and cosmetic rules ,1945 the cosmetics are being classified into 11 different category products and are highlighted below -

2] Lipsticks and lipgloss
3] Hair oils
4] Nail polishes
5] Depilatories
6] Creams , lotion , shampoo, shaving creams , cleansing etc.
7] Aerosol
8] Hair dyes
9] Fragrances
10] Preparations used for eyes
11] Toilet papers
12] Toothpaste and tooth powder

One should keep in mind that in order to manufacture any of the classified products above one has to obtain the licensing from the government of India.
The applicant needs to submit form 31 along with the license fees of rs.2500 together with the inspection fees of Rs 1000.

The manufacturer has to compulsory keep an eye on the cosmetic production whether it is done in the presence of technical staff and at least one staff should possess the required qualification qualification as guided below -

1] He must have passed 12th with chemistry as one of the subject according to law
2] Must be registered under the pharmacy act ,1948
3] He Should possess the certificate of diploma under the pharmacy act ,1948 from pharmacy council of India.
What are the documents required for cosmetic registration in India ?
There are various documents being required to get the cosmetic registration in India and the permission will be provided after successful completion of these documents being highlighted below -

1] Original copy of the power of attorney in case of importer
2] No Objection Certificate from the pollution board of control
3] Provide the complete layout of premises
4] Certificate of the free sale and authorization letter for marketing
5] Form number 42 being completely filled and signed together with the list of products which needs to be renewed.
6] In case of rented premises , a rent agreement is to be provided
7] A list of machines installed for manufacturing
8] A list of the laboratory equipments
9] An affidavit of the application
10] Self declaration is to be submitted by the manufacturer or importer
What are the penalty charges ?
The cosmetic industry is governed by the drugs and cosmetics act ,1940 and in case of violation of any rules and guidelines , the importer or manufacturer may face penalty charges according to the law.
The violation of rules will lead to imprisonment of a period of 1 year or more and fine of Rs.1000 or more and both can be done.It should be noted that this rule is for the first time if any mistake occurs or rules being broken for the first time but if again the rule is broken in such case , the fine imposed will be 2000 or more and imprisonment could be extended to 02 years.

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