The no objection certificate from the fire department is issued by the state as per the rules and regulations prescribed.The team verifies the buildings , places applied for the noc and makes proper inspection of the places.
It should be noted that everything is verified and checked whether the place can observe fire related accidents and in case the guidelines are fulfilled by the building ,the noc is issued for the respective residential or commercial buildings etc. The different states have set up different guidelines and do tasks according to it. There have been many activities of fire related accidents in the country and lead yo huge losses of human life in the world.The crores of assets are also being lost in such scenario.There have been cases that many companies have not been able to recover from the mishappenings .
Therefore now the multistorey and high rise buildings which are more than 15 meter long in height need to have Fire noc from the state fire services and it is being mandatory otherwise the government will take steps and may even charge penalties.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
Process of obtaining fire department in India ?
The process of obtaining the noc from fire department is tough and amy involve several issues but should be obtained to be safe from its consequences.The process is being guided below -

1] The applicant or client needs to submit an application form for the fire clearance certificate to the chief fire officer, fire service department of the respective state.
2] An online form can also be filled for the same purpose to the concerned fire service department of state.
3] Under both the cases ,certain documents are mandatory to be submitted along with application form .
4] The chief officer will forward the application form to the concerned department and inspector.
5] The concerned inspector will do the inspection of the site of the company or building and check whether all fire fighting equipment are available in order to have complete fire safety.
6] After the inspection , in case everything is properly arranged and inspector is satisfied with the inspection , the inspector fire brigade of the area will issue the fire clearance certificate to the applicant.
What are documents needed to obtain NOC from Fire department in India ?
There are certain essential documents required to be completed and submitted to the fire department along with the application form in order to obtain the noc certificate in india and it has been highlighted below -

1] There shall be two set of building plans from building authority [being consist of the building plan , layout plan ,site plan , supervision form , report analysis etc. should be provided ]
2] All the essential information should be available in the prescribed building plans keeping in mind the defined laws.
3] The model of the building should also be provided to be submitted along with the application form
4] The certificate of building stability should be provided as a part of the essential documentation.
5] The architecture checklist certificate should be provided.
6] The document of checklist filled with questionnaire should be provided
7] The adhaar card copy of the applicant
8] The photo of the building from the outside
9] The electronic wiring certificate through a recognized agency is also needed.
Who grants fire department NOC in India ?
Every state has the department of fire i.e fire service department that grant s or provides the certificate of noc to the applicants.The delhi fire service provides noc to the delhi applicants.
It must be noted that the fire prevention team is being headed through deputy chief officer and is assisted from divisional and station officers respectively.
What is time taken for obtaining fire department NOC in India ?
The time taken to obtain the fire fighting certificate in india is 30 days or 04 weeks.Therefore an applicant can receive the certificate within a time period of 04 weeks after the application form together with required documents are sent correctly without any errors or mistakes.
What are fees for fire department NOC in India ?
TThe fees charged by the fire department is zero i.e no charge is being charged by the fire department to provide noc certificate to the applicant anywhere in India.
What BIATConsultant faciliatates ?
The BIAT CONSULTANT provides a complete platform to the applicant where he can easily come to our contact and our team of professionals and experts will guide him from the scratch and take care of the complete documentation and verification process.
We will do a complete follow up of the NOC from fire department service and help the client or applicant anywhere in India to obtain the fire department NOC in a specified time period of approximately 30 days from the date of issue of the request to the concerned fire department.

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