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Getting an Bar License in India means going through highly regulated guidelines . Our team can help you in kick start of bar and resturant in India


The bar license in India is very difficult to obtain and needs to follow a very different process in order to obtain the bar license in india.The question how to obtain a bar license in India can be answered only when one has understand the whole process and types of bar license available in India and what are the circumstances where they are needed to apply .
‘’The Bar license in India’’ can be obtained by the applicant after having achieved the age of 21 years except delhi and the ‘’liquor license in delhi’’ will be obtained by the individual who is more than 25 years of age.


Common List Of Questioner That Our Customer Ask From Us -Solved !
What Are The Types Of Bar Available In India ?
There are six types of bars that can be set up in India and one can choose from them the best that will suit his idea and category he wants to build and therefore began the process of getting the bar license for his business .

One has the complete right to select the bar that matches your interest and you feel confident and energetic to run that type of bar successfully.

The list is provided below ,kindly have a look -
1] Pub
2] Lounge
3] sports bar
4] Clubs
5] Concept bar
6] Tapas bar
It should be noted that the applicant is needed to choose whether the bar business he wants to open will open without the liquor or with liquor at the time of filling the application form of bar with prescribed location.

What is the process of selecting location for bar business ?
The process of how to get a bar license in India begins with selecting the perfect location to open the bar business in India.The perfect location is selected after doing the proper research and giving proper time in the field for searching various locations. One should understand that a bar should be opened at a perfect location as it will lead to high customer gatherings and high income.There are certain important conditions to be kept in mind as one should always open a bar from a distance place where schools . educational institutions , temples and hospitals are situated in order to avoid any issue that may occur in future.
Therefore one should consult state laws once before opening the bar in any state inorder to avoid any future issues and difficulties due to law .
How To Apply For Bar License In India?
The bar operation in India begins after having a bar license.The first thing an applicant needs to do is to register a company and thereafter apply for the bar license in the name of the company.
The license shall be taken in the name of the company and it builds a trust in the customer mind and the applicant also needs to obtain the Employee Identification number from the Indian revenue system.
The number received from the IRS plays an important role when we apply for the permits ,other license and tax documents etc.
Once a bar license is obtained the owner focuses on FSSAI license to serve food in his bar to the customer and liquor license to serve the liquor in the bar in order to increase the profit of the business and bar simultaneously.
One should note that the total time takes around 45 to 60 days in achieving the liquor license and another 30 approx. days in receiving the license.
How to get FSSAI License In India?
The food license is necessary for the applicant who wants to serve food in his bar.These licenses are valid for a specified time period and should be renewed timely for proper functioning of the bar.
The FSSAI license will be provided after going through various features of the bar such as the size of bar ,equipment being used in the bar ,menu cards that define the variety available etc.
The public health department of state level has complete responsibility to go through the license and permits and after doing proper inspection as per terms and conditions and being satisfied with the outcome ,they issue the license to the applicant.
Let FSSAI License complete guidance from here .
What Are The Types Of Liquor License & How To Get Liquor License In India
The applicant applying for the bar might also plan to serve liquor in his bar needs to get liquor license in India. Eg- a bar bar owner in case has a bar located in Delhi and needs a liquor license in delhi before serving liquor in the bar otherwise he would be in problem as per the law.

The process of obtaining the bar license in india is highlighted below -

The first thing is to understand the applicant is the type of liquor license he needs to obtained.Therefore one needs to contact the specified local departments who have the authority of providing a license.
One would come to know the correct rules and regulations , terms that are needed to fulfill in order to obtain the required license in a specified area or region.

In India there are two types of liquor licenses being required by premises that sell alcohol -
A] A On license is being required in case the liquor being consumed at the premises
B] Off license would be preferable if you want to consume and sell the liquor at the premises.

The liquor licenses are of various types and an applicant needs to apply for the license according to his business and its nature which intends his preference to sell which type of liquor.

The tavern license is being required at bars where the owner provides food facilities but earns half of its profit through the sale of alcohol in their bar.
Under his license , the owner of the bar is being authorized to sell soft types of liquors in their restaurants such as beer and wine but stopped from selling hard liquors such as whisky and spirits.
There are very few restaurants that permit selling of the alcohol at their premises.One can obtain through above procedures.
Therefore all the steps are being guided to achieve liquor license otherwise you cna contact us at and get the liquor license in India at any state .

How BIATConsultant Can Help In In Getting Bar License In India ?
The process of obtaining a bar license or the liquor license in India is very tough and needs a huge set of documentation in order to get approval from the government bodies.
It has been observed that many hotels and restaurants inIndia have faced huge penalties and even got shut down due to licensing issues or not having complete documentation to do the bar and liquor business at the specified premises.
In the countries like India , the government keeps on changing from time to time and therefore the rules also change from time to time as a result of which the owner of bar suffers without any fault.The various states and district have different laws and rules for the same business and due to incomplete information and not being a professional , the business owner is the one who suffers directly or indirectly.
It should be noted that at such time the BIATConsultant provides you with the right guidance with detailed knowledge on how to apply for the licensing ,complete procedure , step by step guidance ,deep knowledge and documentation to be needed etc.

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